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Thursday's letters

Thursday's letters

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The real Hardister

Whatever hope we had that state Rep. Jon Hardister could be an effective leader for all his constituents vanished a year ago: Sept. 11, 2019.

On that day — with many Democrats attending a 9/11 memorial — Hardister and the North Carolina GOP rammed through a veto override of the state budget, cutting thousands of citizens out of the process.

For months, Republicans had refused to work on a bipartisan budget, instead lying in wait until they could catch Democrats short-handed.

It was no secret. And it was shameful.

Democrats had been hurrying back to the legislature from cancer treatments, cutting vacations short, missing children’s first days of school and so on, just to thwart this cynical plan.

Hardister and crew didn’t care each House member represents thousands of North Carolinians. If you didn’t agree with them, your voice simply didn’t matter.

Is this how Hardister would explain democracy to our kids? “So, you wait until people you disagree with aren’t around — then, quick! Hold a vote!”

Citizens shouldn’t be cut out of the process, but Hardister and his cronies have turned voter suppression and nullification into an art form.

Hardister’s part of the swamp now. He deserves to go.

Mark Sutter



Do something

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

If everyone who has protested this year would spend just one day of their time working at a pre-election day or Election Day polling place, every polling place would be fully staffed for all available hours and convenient for every voter.

If everyone who has a Black Lives Matter sign in their yard or slogan on their T-shirt would help their friends, relatives, neighbors, associates, etc. to be sure to be registered to vote and vote early by mail or at an early voting polling place, every registered voter would be sure to have their vote cast in a proper and timely matter.

It is time right now to stop complaining and do something. If the protesters and slogan fanatics would just help out, there would be no excuse for any eligible voter to not be registered and cast their ballot on time.

It is time for the protesters and sloganeers to decide to either be part of the problem or part of the solution. If you don’t decide to be part of the solution, shut up, stay at home and keep out of the way.

Robert Miner



Only rumors

Regarding Katherine Karr Schlosser’s letter assuming that President Trump called veterans like her brother as losers and suckers, it is important to remember that this is just a rumor, started by two anonymous sources and subsequently spread by various media outlets. Conversely, 10 non-anonymous sources are now on the record as having been in the room when those remarks were supposedly made and each has stated that the president never made those comments.

We cannot force the press nor the media to act responsibly, but we can refuse to accept statements from anonymous sources as anything but what they are — rumors.

Dick Bostick

High Point

Vote for Cooke

Every issue crosses the desk of a county commissioner, from economic development, environmental protections, human relations, community safety, health and mental health, and education. We are fortunate Carly Cooke, candidate for county commissioner District 5, presents herself for public service as she understands the importance of positive leadership in all these areas.

Mrs. Cooke is a small business owner, with a degree with honors from the Bryan School of Business at UNCG, and an active community leader with commitment to our public schools.

She has seen firsthand the pressures on our educators who too often rush from the classroom to a second job because the important job of teaching our children does not pay sufficiently to support their families. She has witnessed our children arrive at school hungry and without necessary school supplies to be successful because their parents are not earning a living wage.

Guilford County needs leaders who understand the complexities of the interconnections of issues, from economic development to health care to education. Carly Cooke is the person who can provide capable leadership, working cooperatively with the many facets of our county community to achieve success for all our residents.

District 5 voters, elect Carly Cooke!

Margaret Arbuckle



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