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Thursday's letters

Thursday's letters

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A flimsy defense

The fact that the legal team for the former president is claiming a defense of First Amendment protection is outrageous and disingenuous.

I distinctly remember learning about a concept called “Reasonable or Prudent Man Rule":

Did this person act negligently in the duty to protect the interests of others?

Did this person exercise good judgment?

And, along with this basic standard came the fact that the greater the responsibility, the greater the standard to which this person shall be held.

Any president of the U.S. should certainly be held to the highest standard possible. That being said, the former president has failed to meet this standard on all counts.

“Be done” with this ongoing conversation and let us get back to the business of restoring a country that has been devastated — emotionally and financially.

Ruth Petty


Pulling for Guilford

The New Garden/Guilford College Community Alliance affirms its support for Guilford College, now facing grave financial challenges threatening its very existence. The alliance encourages citizens in greater Greensboro to join us in supporting this integral component of our history and future.

Our alliance was incorporated to preserve the area’s distinct historic character. We do this by educating the community about the area’s diverse cultural, natural and institutional assets. Guilford College is clearly an anchor of this community worth preserving.

Founded in 1837 by Quakers, Guilford College is the oldest coeducational private college in the South. The campus contains a ‘station’ on the Underground Railroad that assisted slaves fleeing to freedom. A National Historic district, Guilford is within one of Greensboro’s two heritage communities.

Guilford College has educated thousands of individuals, informed by unique Quaker beliefs. Graduates have gone on to contribute immeasurably to our local, state, national and world communities. Now, Guilford College’s viability depends on our support. You can join us in saving this treasured part of our community by donating to:

1) Guilford College’s Guilford Forward Fund.

2) Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Save Guilford Fund.

William McNeil

Gertrude Upperman


The writers are co-clerks of The New Garden/Guilford College Community Alliance.

Our unkempt city

We are in agreement with Alan Stockard's letter, "Literally ... a Mess," about the pervasive litter in Greensboro. Taxes are high in Greensboro and yet the city is awash in refuse and trash in the roadways, at curbside and in storm drains.

This unsanitary litter attracts rodents, insects and disease, and is detrimental to the health of residents and to the environment. Mayors Keith Holliday and Carolyn Allen never let the city get in such terrible shape. They kept the "green" in Greensboro.

City of Greensboro Mobile Litter Patrol, street sweeping and island cleaning crews are efficient and hardworking and we appreciate their excellent service whenever they are in our Highland Park neighborhood.

But they are under-supported by the city and need to be scheduled much more frequently in high traffic and known problem areas. The street-cleaning department needs to be made a priority by city administration.

Additionally, North Carolina has anti-littering laws and the city should be doing much more to enforce these laws, and its own municipal anti-littering and neglect of premise ordinances and codes.

Julie and Bill Liszka


Part of the problem?

What is more negative than the letters to the editor in the News & Record op-ed section? How will we ever get united if both extremes demand their way or the highway?

Michael Lopez


Abusing dogs

I tried to reach Rep. Kathy Manning's office in Congress via email or her website, but there is no means by which to leave a message. She never acknowledged any of my messages during the campaign, concerning the slaughter of 65,000 dogs every year in the United States, testing chemicals and toxic products and in so-called "experiments."

It's big business to raise thousands of beautiful beagles in order to torture them to death, every single year! It's also an outrage and an atrocity which most civilized nations have long ago abandoned.

Visit this site and see for yourself:

Congresswoman Manning, do you have any comment? Liberals, progressives: Any interest in stopping massive animal cruelty?

Just wondering!

Robert Gaines


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