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Thursday's letters

Thursday's letters

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Act of desperation

Oh my. Nancy Pelosi has now created a commission to determine if the 25th Amendment should be used to remove the president from office.

After failing at impeachment and pushing for mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting, we now have another soon-to-fail effort. What level of hate of Donald Trump is necessary for them to take this latest step?

The desperation level must be off the scale. Rather than putting forth a candidate and a platform that the majority of Americans can approve of and vote for, the Democrats resort to manipulative means to win.

The result will be exactly the opposite. Americans are smart enough to see through this and the Democrats will not like the results.

Bruce Nichelson

Browns Summit

Toward better policing

The official validation of Juneteenth occurred as a significant move toward uniting our community and recognized a part of shared history. It is but one step towards remodeling our social norms towards true equity in years to come.

It is in this spirit I ask that the city leaders again reconsider the critical task of reforming and retraining the Greensboro Police Department. This crucial work is imperative to move us forward. It goes beyond the peaceful protests and inspired collaborative conversations, into the crucible of fundamentals. Hammering out precise details, such as retraining to deescalate social tensions, reducing physical violence and fear tactics in policing, and preferring compassionate community service and nonviolent solutions, is paramount to successful reform.

Greensboro has already suffered from far too many deadly incidents. Removal of special immunity to prosecution for police; retraining in policing techniques; and nonviolent and nonracist policing approaches and philosophies are keystones for successful remodeling.

We must be heard as a citizenry. Combative, aggressive encounters with police must end in Greensboro, if we are to heal and grow as a city.

People of all races, creeds, colors, religions, nationalities and sexual identities must not have to fear the police.

Nancy Cavanaugh


Change the narrative

Greensboro has not yet fully demonstrated the ability to effectively change its racial narrative, our preferred image being “progressive."

Grievances have been valiantly and resoundingly expressed to you over the past two years since Marcus Smith’s death, cries for help from your community. Can the council now respond with a healing salve, take control of the situation now, and respond in an appropriate, humane way which is devoid of “process” and seeks to make amends?

To the City Council: Each of you must feel/ know that you need, as humans first, individually and together, to make reparations for Marcus Smith’s homicide by the Greensboro Police Department. Or, if you do not feel this, you must then know as political leaders for this city, that the position being taken on Mr. Smith’s death is tearing this city’s own very fragile state of race relations apart and that “adjustments” must be made. Adhering to the same position of being frozen in time is obviously not working.

Therefore I propose that the city of Greensboro take a radical action by renouncing the lack of legal action taken against the GPD including the officers who committed the acts which led to the unwarranted death of Mr. Smith.

Julia Blizin



There's a cancer growing in our body politic called Trumpism. It's caused by Donald Trump, spread by his friends in the Republican Party and allowed to fester by many voters who don't even know yet that they are suffering from the cancer.

But just like physical cancers, if this political cancer isn't found and treated in its early stage by Republicans themselves, it will surely signal the end of the Republican Party. 

Most importantly, if not treated by Nov. 3 by the American body politic, it also could signal the end of our republic.

There's only one treatment. It's excising the cancer by voting Donald Trump out of office.

Gary Parker


Bless him

How does one succinctly respond to the president’s belief that his contracting COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise?

As we euphemistically say in the South, “Well, bless your heart, Mr. President!” Vote!

Howard Becker


Voting advice

I wish I could take credit for this advice but it came from a friend:

Voting isn't marriage. It's public transport. You're not waiting for "the one." You're getting on the bus.

And if there isn't one going exactly to your destination, you don't stay home and sulk. You take the one that's going closest to where you want to be.

So vote!

Kate Cummings


Do the math

Let's look at the state of our nation by the numbers:

  • A $3.1 trillion budget deficit in the just completed fiscal year that amounts to 15% of our economy.
  • A $67.1 billion trade deficit, the largest in 14 years.
  • More than 215,000 deaths (and counting) from COVID-19, a number that exceeds those lost in World War I and Vietnam combined.

If the above numbers suit you, vote to reelect Donald Trump to "make America great again."

Bob Kollar


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