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Tuesday's letters

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Gift of freedom

Unvaccinated people believe they have the personal freedom to resist the COVID vaccine. The fact is that unvaccinated people are causing the rest of us to lose the freedoms that make up normal lives in this country.

The only way to slow the pandemic is to dramatically increase vaccinations. Otherwise, we will have constant variants, hospitalizations and death — 800,000-plus U.S citizens have died. A growing body of evidence shows the vaccines are safe and effective. Unless your doctor advises against the vaccine for you, the risk is much less serious than if you contract COVID.

With improved levels of vaccination, the economy and personal freedoms for everyone will increase. We can again go places and do the things we enjoy. Long-term personal freedoms depend on our civic responsibility and our willingness to look after our fellow human beings.

The COVID vaccine is available to all Americans free of charge. What a wonderful holiday present — the gift of normalcy and life! If you or your children over 5 years of age have not been vaccinated and “boosted,” please become a real patriot and help rid us of a killer pandemic.

Miriam Hamill


Mail disorder

What is going on at the U.S. Postal Service’s Greensboro distribution center? I know we’re smack dab in the middle of the holidays, but I’ve been tracking two packages and a priority envelope. All three were mailed on Monday, Dec. 13. The two packages coming from different areas of the country arrived at the Greensboro distribution center midweek and instead of being transferred to the local post office for delivery, they were sent to Anderson, S.C. Over the weekend they have arrived back in Greensboro. Where they will go next is anyone’s guess.

The two-day priority envelope arrived in Greensboro around the same time and sat until Friday and finally was delivered Saturday. I can only imagine the excuses, but something is not right and needs to be looked into. I don’t see it happening on outbound packages I’ve mailed. I hope this is not the new normal for Greensboro.

Charles Hertlein


Hateful leaflets

Regarding the antisemitic fliers recently dropped in some Greensboro yards and driveways:

Among the many books I wish I had written is one about how Jewish merchants and peddlers saved the South after the Civil War. Every Southern town like Greensboro had a dry goods merchant (think Blumenthal’s) selling good-quality work clothes. In Marietta, Ga., where I grew up, it was Goldstein’s (fabric) and Leiter’s (clothes).

Every Southern city had its department store: Neiman-Marcus in Dallas, Rich’s in Atlanta, Weil’s in Louisville, Tapps in Columbia. And then, of course, there are the mills: the Cone family influence reaches to Georgia, I know, and stretches back to Baltimore.

My question is, where do the perpetrators of these hate crimes think they would be today without the profound influence of Jewish families on the history of our state?

The Jews have already paid a high price for their defense of democracy in the bombings of synagogues in 1958 during MLK’s heyday, when many rabbis and synagogues championed the civil rights movement. Unfortunately, such incidents still occur.

People of the Jewish faith deserve much love and gratitude for sharing their rich cultural, artistic and spiritual heritage with our country. We would be poorer in every conceivable way without their profound influence in our lives.

Jim Carmichael


Thanks, GCS

This is my first letter to the editor, but I feel compelled to express my gratitude to the Guilford County School system. I am a grandmother and, during this difficult time, I have watched my grandchildren benefit from their experiences with the schools and their wonderful teachers.

What compels me to write this letter now is my involvement with the Newcomers School. I have been privileged to have a relationship with a refugee family that has just come to Greensboro and so I have been taking their children to the Newcomers School each morning. I cannot express how blessed we are to have such a school and how truly wonderful my interactions have been with all the teachers. Every communication has shown me what a gift we have with the Newcomers School and their staff.

Thank you, Guilford County Schools, Newcomers School and all teachers.

Connie Leonard



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