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Tuesday's letters

Tuesday's letters

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An ex-'drone Democrat'

My family members were “JFK Democrats” when I was a kid. I followed suit.

As a “drone Democrat” I blindly pulled the lever for any Democrat in any election without thinking. I was a “liberal” then (my liberalism was really libertarianism). No longer.

After 2009, my work required local travel. Tired of Top 40 radio and my own CDs, I began listening to talk radio: NPR, Clark Howard, Alan Handelman, Rush Limbaugh, etc. When one became boring, tedious or outrageous, I would switch stations.

One morning, CNN labeled Limbaugh “racist” because he said about the first Black president, “I hope he fails.” I was outraged by his statement. I believed the portrayal of Limbaugh by CNN.

The clip was edited to make Limbaugh sound evil. I discovered this while listening to his show. Rush played the entire sound bite with context. In the clip, he warned of creeping socialism with Obama’s big-government takeover of health care and ownership of GM. Rush said, because of his policy objectives, “I hope he fails."

My eyes were forever opened to the daily distortions by mainstream media and the meaning of today’s liberalism: socialism and control.

Once seen, it can never be unseen.

Stephen O'Connell


Don't play ball

Looks like Susan Tysinger was right. Reading the Feb. 20 N&R I see that County Commissioners Chairman Melvin "Skip" Alston wants to give High Point $7 million for a baseball stadium that has been financed and was completed two years ago. 

Will the county commissioners give $7 million to the Bryan Foundation to repay them for the stadium in Greensboro? What about Gibsonville, or Summerfield? I’m sure they’d like a stadium paid for by other people’s money.

This is what happens every time Democrats get in power. They give away our, that’s right our, money. I hope Skip enjoys his box seats. You will not get to sit in them!

Mike Sigmon


COVID hypocrisy

The CDC issued a press release last month that begins this way: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expanding the requirement for a negative COVID-19 test to all air passengers (including Americans) entering the United States. Testing before and after travel is a critical layer to slow the introduction and spread of COVID-19. This strategy is consistent with the current phase of the pandemic and more efficiently protects the health of Americans."

Oh great. The Biden administration is concerned about the health of Americans. Dr. Anthony Fauci is now recommending double or even triple masks. But wait. Maybe they're not entirely sincere.

There's growing evidence, according to sheriffs in Yuma, Ariz., and Jackson County, Texas, that thousands of foreign nationals who were apprehended illegally entering the U.S. are being released back into our neighborhoods without bothering to test them for COVID-19, putting us all at risk. When Biden's press secretary was asked point blank about this, she stumbled and fumbled and couldn't answer.

What we have here is a particularly dangerous approach and, frankly, a glaring double standard. This is the same virus the government has used as a pretext for wrecking the lives of millions of Americans.

This reckless and destructive immigration policy is bewilderingly inexplicable, just as are some of the other Biden executive orders.

Fred Gregory


About time

So it takes a shooting in a prominent neighborhood for Mayor Nancy Vaughan to have raised consciousness about crime. Homicides are up two years in a row.

Why now, Nancy? Did your buddies put some pressure on you because it was getting close to them?

I think it is a slap in the face for anyone to say this latest shooting could turn out to be a fortunate event. So all of the other shootings have just been unfortunate?

Mayor Vaughan, you want to spend $37 million on a parking deck. You did nothing while downtown was looted and vandalized.

How about listing your top five accomplishments while in office?

It's time for a change and I look forward to having Justin Outling bring a new perspective and attitude to the office.

As it is now, I only wait to see how much we break the homicide record by this year. Too bad many of our other shootings didn't raise your consciousness sooner.

Maybe we could have stopped some unfortunate deaths.

Caesar Wyssbrod III


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