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Tuesday's letters

Tuesday's letters

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Lost liberties?

Regarding Cal Thomas’s April 27 column, “Give power back to the people”:

The purpose of this piece was to cite instances of government intrusions into our lives, threatening our liberties and way of life. He endorses a constitutional convention to return power to the people.

I’m not quite certain how this convention would achieve that, and from the vagueness of Mr. Thomas’ rhetoric, I’m pretty certain he doesn’t know either.

Mr. Thomas alluded to the “fact” that the federal government has used the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to restrict our liberties. I was wondering precisely which liberties he deems threatened. For the life of me I cannot think of one liberty that has been taken from me in the last year, unless you consider being able to infect others by not taking precautions as some sort of inalienable right.

I was taught first and foremost in fifth-grade civics that my rights ended at the next person’s nose. There are a lot of “we the peoples” and, of course, a Reagan quote and dire warnings about very survival being at stake. All standard rallying cries.

The only missing element is proof. Lots of noise about another solution searching for a problem.

David Wilcox



I remember in 2008 when presidential candidate Obama criticized President Bush for taking out “a credit card from the Bank of China” and running up $4 trillion in debt in eight years to $9 trillion. Obama proclaimed: “That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.” I agreed, as I left the Republican Party during the Bush years due to unbridled spending and debt.

Federal government politicians now have accumulated more than $28 trillion in debt. President Biden, in 100 days, has signed $2 trillion in spending and is looking for $4 trillion more.

D.C. politicians throw around figures of billions and trillions with abandon. It’s your money, they don’t care. How much is a trillion? It takes 31.7 years for a billion seconds to elapse. It takes 31,546 years for a trillion seconds to elapse!

Biden claims his $6 trillion in new spending will be paid for by taxing rich people and corporations. If you believe this, I have some fine oceanfront property in Browns Summit for sale. Our future generations will be saddled with this unsustainable debt. Think about them.

Tom Imbus

Browns Summit

Two commissions?

Regarding the opinion piece by Michael McGough in Thursday’s paper (April 29, “Don’t let GOP play ‘whatabout’ with a Jan. 6 probe”): Would it be too much trouble to have two joint commissions?

One to look into the Jan. 6 insurrection and the other to look into the violence that plagued our cities through the antifa and Black Lives Matter protests over the summer.

I think both need to be looked into.

Joey Harding


Do it for you and us

The pandemic has been an exceedingly difficult time for everyone, especially those who have lost family members or friends. Our family is so grateful to have the vaccinations, and while we are still trying to be as careful as possible, we do feel safer.

So I wonder why many people are still refusing to get vaccinated, especially since those in the medical profession strongly urge everyone (unless there is medical reason not to do so) to get vaccinated. It is as if the naysayers are saying that they know more than the doctors.

I think about the diseases that have been eradicated by vaccinations in the United States since I was a child, including smallpox, typhoid and polio. Yet some people seem to think this is different.

Surely, everyone wants this pandemic to end, and if everyone would cooperate and get their vaccinations, then perhaps we will see the end of it.

Nancy L. Poulos


Pure nuttiness

Many Republicans think it’s perfectly OK to attack our democratic processes (the Jan. 6 insurrection) and to erode trust in government (“Stop the Steal”). All for the attempted ill-gained result of winning elections and political power. And they like to call themselves patriotic!

Truth is they’re far from it. They’re selling their souls, and the soul of America, for success in politics. In Arizona, six months after the election, state Senate Republicans hired a firm named Cyber Ninjas to recount Maricopa County’s already-audited 2020 presidential votes — ones already certified for Joe Biden.

This is nuts!

These actions by Republicans are a threat to our country. For the sake of their party, the country and their own souls, they should stop this idiocy. In the meantime, I’m sure they’re all stuffing down as many burgers as they can right now.

Gary Parker


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