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Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, May 11, 2022, letters

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On depression

It has been well documented that there is a mental health crisis among U.S. teenagers. I am an educator, not a psychologist, but I think it might be helpful for parents to recalibrate their approach to their troubled kids.

Yes, young people can be impulsive and dramatic, so we must be alert to signs of self-injurious behavior. But even as we show our concern, we’d do well to understand that they are growing up at a time when depression may be a quite reasonable response to what they are experiencing.

Unlike us older folk, many youngsters haven’t learned to compartmentalize. They can’t learn about climate change and then behave as if dating and sports are the most important activities in the world. They can’t escape the cesspool of addictive social media.

The pandemic has not only been isolating, but another invisible threat over which they have no control. And how can we explain that they live in a country in which women do not have equal rights?

I know we want to be pillars of strength for our children, but maybe the best thing we can tell them is that we’re depressed too, and that we need them.

Gary Kenton


End the dog ban

I request the immediate lifting of the temporary ban on dogs on interior trails at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and the restoring of access to all trails by humans and dogs.

A better solution would be for park leadership to enforce the existing rules regarding cleaning up after dogs and keeping their dogs on a maximum 6-foot leash. I walk my dog in the park every day. The vast majority of dog walkers I see follow these rules.

The ban on dogs on interior trails significantly increases risk of injury and death to pedestrians and their dogs. There are no sidewalks for walkers. The park road is narrow, one lane, and crowded with pedestrians, dogs and vehicles. The park road speed limit is neither adhered to by vehicle operators nor is it enforced by the park rangers. Vehicles, including and especially bicycles, regularly travel at speeds over 20 mph. These same vehicles frequently do not yield right of way to pedestrians.

There are a number of blind corners on the road that exacerbate the risk of injury or death to pedestrians. The ban on dogs on interior trails unfairly puts responsible dog owners at risk. Remove the ban at once.

Kenneth Marion


Rotten apples? Really!

I found the food situation at Andrews High School appalling (“Members of debate class at Andrews take on bad food at school,” May 6)! This vendor is selling unacceptable food to our students and expecting them to eat it.

Kudos to:

1) The students in the speech and debate class for using the skills they learned in civil discourse to right a wrong.

2) The teacher who directed the students in using civil discourse to bring this horrifying situation to the forefront.

No kudos to:

1) The assistant principal who tried to curb the student learning experience and their efforts to bring this situation to the forefront. You should visit the cafeteria more often!

2) Guilford County Schools CFO Angie Henry. I suspect the food contracts specify quality food and obviously the vendor did not fulfill that part of the contract. Specify exactly what you want and stick to your terms and have an out!

3) The Board of Education and the county office employees thwarting the students from advising the board of conditions at their school.

The school administrators in this situation represent another example of adults in our society not taking responsibility for their actions.

Debbie Feulner


Ridgill’s record

It has been my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of District 2 on the Guilford County Board of Education since 2016, as well as from 1990-2008. I have worked to support and represent the bests interests of the students, teachers, staff and parents.

As I complete my final term, I wish for these efforts to continue.

Marc Ridgill has eight years of experience working inside a GCS school and with members of the entire school system staff, developing numerous professional contacts in all areas. He has actively advocated for school safety and system accountability for the past 16 years. He will prioritize the best interests of the students, teachers, parents and school campus staff.

Please join me in supporting Marc Ridgill to be the elected the District 2 school board representative.

Anita Sharpe


The writer is the current District 2 Guilford County Board of Education representative.


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