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Wednesday's letters

Wednesday's letters

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Woke folks windfall

Everything I needed to learn about race relations was taught to me by my parents as “the two Rs” for treating all people: Respectfully and Reasonably. This commonsense version of the Golden Rule has served me well for many years. But now it seems we need formal instruction in diversity training (DT). A whole financially successful venture has been created to enlighten us. These DT peddlers, including local firms, travel the country hawking their canned presentations, at considerable profit, to government and educational and business organizations that have been mandated to provide enlightenment for their members, employees and students.

Of course racial inequity exists. Honest efforts to rectify its many causes are commendable. But the race baiters who agitate and the DT gurus who profiteer from force-feeding PC progressivism cause even more divisiveness.

I remember when DT meant “delerium tremuns,” a violent reaction to alcohol withdrawal. Perhaps the acronyms are appropriately the same because the results of the two DTs are.

Whether diversity training will be effective is uncertain but by taking advantage of our current racial unrest, the woke folks have certainly made a profitable bureaucratic mountain out of a commonsense molehill.

Mike Leone


Trash talk

I want to ditto Allen Johnson’s remarks regarding the unsightliness of the trash on our roadways (“You name it, we throw it away, anywhere, “ Feb. 28).

We have a beautiful state and a beautiful city and county. It is very painful to see the disregard that both individuals and waste haulers have for the appearance of our streets and highways. I am reminded of the Keep America Beautiful campaign that had its debut in the early 1970s which featured a person of Native American descent with a single tear streaming down his face after seeing trash and rubbish on our lands. I know how he felt. It hurts.

Any elected official or legislator who can recharge our state’s campaign to fine litterers and raise the awareness of keeping our communities clean will have my vote and my support of their efforts.

Merle Green


Kill this penalty

I would like to commend the Virginia legislature for voting to abolish the death penalty in that state. I would like to encourage the governor and General Assembly of our state to eliminate the death penalty here.

‘’Thou shalt not kill’’ is a commandment, not a suggestion.

Chuck Mann


We’d had enough

The letter “Consequences” (March 1) misses the boat.

Good or bad consequences are usually in the eye of the beholder. The electorate gets to decide, every four years, whether a president’s job performance warrants reelection. Republicans and Democrats have always differed concerning political philosophy. We can live with that.

In 2016, consequences included electing a president who was ignorant of how the Constitution works and did not care to learn, who bullied and taunted our allies while embracing dictators, who told more than 30,000 lies to Americans, who supported white supremacists and fringe groups such as QAnon, who embraced conspiracy theories, who incited insurrection against our own government, who refused to take a pandemic seriously giving America the highest rate of virus in the world and who diminished America’s standing on the world stage.

In 2020, voters — Democrats, Republicans and Independents — decided enough is enough and he suffered the consequences.

All of the above are related to a lack of decency, character and experience — not political differences in policy. The writer’s letter seems to indicate that there should be no consequences for a president who lacks those basic qualities. Heaven help us all!

Miriam Hamill


No rehab needed

I was struck by the “Lost cause” letter to the editor Sunday because its author equates Trump signs and Confederate flags as causes for “rehab.”

This is a basic problem that the left has. They see people who do not think like them and assume those people need rehab. More than 74 million Americans voted for Trump. I voted for Trump and I don’t even like Trump. He is most certainly not my Jesus.

And I do not have a Confederate flag anywhere in my possession. But I think differently than the letter writer does. The difference is that I don’t think he needs rehab. I believe he has his own beliefs that are hopefully based on sound logic and passion, as do I.

Joey Harding


The writer is a retired director of Guilford County Public Health.

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