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Wednesday's letters

Wednesday's letters

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He has no honor

I am a retired U.S. Air Force officer. 

My husband is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

I was a lifelong Republican. 

This president said, "I take no responsibility." And he still doesn't.

Six million Americans have fallen ill; tens of thousands have perished because he takes no responsibility. 

He lies. 

He fails. 

He denigrates those who served our country with honor. 

He has no honor. 

I cannot vote for this president.

Lt. Col. Bonnie Hallman (retired)


Ominous signs

Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, authors of "How Democracies Die," examined global failed democracies to ascertain similarities in societal conditions prior to the collapse. An eroding democracy’s characteristics include: intense distrust between political parties; intolerance toward minorities; a zealous enthusiasm for nationalism and its counterpart, denigration of immigrants; an intensification of polarization; and a failure of the legislative branch to engage in "checks and balances."

The final nail in the democracy’s coffin proved to be the person elected as president, who shared similar characteristics: disregard toward democratic rules; denial of the opponents’ legitimacy; affinity for violence; readiness to curtail civil liberties; affinity for authoritarianism; and unsavory traits such as extreme narcissism and psychopathy. These nations appeared to prefer dictatorship over democracy, validated by their attraction to existing dictators.

Based on the authors’ research, our democracy today is displaying the signs of an impending collapse. We must scrutinize the candidate, be willing to admit that perhaps our party’s candidate isn’t the best choice, and put party aside. Morals and principles, the Constitution and democracy, are much, much more important than party.

Your vote will determine our destiny: democracy or dictatorship.

Lois Burdette


Thank you, farmers

As the summer moves toward its close, it is a good time to give well-deserved kudos and thanks to our local farmers. In difficult circumstances, many have found new ways to keep providing our community with fresh, local food. Some developed their own drive-thru services; others set up in outdoor venues or offered ordering and pick-up with creative low-contact or contactless options. And many continued working with the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market at their Revolution Mill drive-thru and then with multiple ways to connect safely to your favorite vendors on Yanceyville Street.

For those of us who wait patiently every spring for the asparagus to arrive or count the days until that first tomato sandwich, for the fruit lovers who appreciate those perfect weeks with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and peaches all at the same time, or the plan-ahead types who spend long afternoons canning or freezing for the winter to come, our farmers are indispensable.

I know many others join me in gratitude for how our farmers recreated their ways of bringing food to us on top of everything else they had to juggle in 2020. And we look forward to the fall produce ahead!

Sandie Gravett


No outrage? 

Where's the front-page headline, "Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, United States of America, not wearing a mask and violating rules to get her hair done"?

You gave Thom Tillis the honor, why not Pelosi? I'm not calling you a hypocrite, just a dedicated Democratic Party media operative. I'm sure you remember the old hackneyed phrase "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

Hmmm, can I think of a word that rhymes with gander ...

Jim Turnage


How does this help?

Did I miss the point?

Guilford County Schools is opening several schools for students to access the internet with their own computers. Duh! If you don’t have a tablet or laptop, how does one suppose this helps? Guess it may be better than sitting in the parking lot wishing for a computer. Maybe food and air conditioning are available.

Most schools have computer labs and other places with equipment. Parents should be picketing our schools for fostering inequality, as should we. Shame and sad faces to our school system. We can do better!

Linda Ellis


Who's impaired?

Cognitively impaired? Could a candidate for president have lost touch with reality due to age or health? Perhaps.

It is incomprehensible that a candidate would support followers that, without evidence, proclaim that 1.) Democrats are cannibals and that Joe Biden is a pedophile 2.) or state that mystery "thugs" got off a plane in tactical gear to disrupt the RNC.

Even worse, a sitting president encourages voters to submit a mail-in ballot and then vote again in person, in order to test the voting system. That these voters are committing a felony is of little consequence to Donald Trump, who seeks only "truth."

The most recent large case of voter fraud was in 2018, in N.C.'s 9th Congressional District; Republicans "improperly collected and possibly altered or discarded ballots to sway the election" toward Mark Harris.

In addition to Trump's creating an incredible amount of work to invalidate the second vote, these loyal Trump followers could become felons and face jail. A sane, non-cognitively impaired candidate (running on law and order) would never encourage the same criminal activity on Sept. 2 and Sept. 3; it could only indicate cognitive impairment, and Trump should seek treatment immediately.

Meredith Millard



The interview with Rick Steves in the Sunday edition (Sept. 6), which addressed the current and future status of travel in Europe and elsewhere, is a treasure. It is incisive and articulate, and gives us a most revealing view of the persona of this remarkable man and citizen of the world. Thank you.

Jonathan Maxwell


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