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Wednesday's letters

Wednesday's letters

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AP PHOTOS:  In campaign's last days, a final push for votes

President Donald Trump arrives at a campaign rally Nov. 1 at Opa-Locka Executive Airport in Opa-Locka, Fla. Trump won more than 10 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016 — exit polls suggest that 6.5 million of his ballots came from first-time voters.

Pro-life? Really?

It is ironic that Republican leadership that fervently avows the sanctity of life has aborted the simplest of measures to prevent the deadly spread of COVID-19. In the days preceding the election, Trump campaign rallies had in essence become “right to infect” demonstrations, as they ignored the protective benefits of mask wearing and social distancing.

The president’s leadership at the outset of the pandemic could have united the nation, promoted public trust in our health institutions, reduced the rate of infection and the death toll; and yes, would have likely assured his reelection. Instead, the president’s obsession with perpetuating divisiveness and chaos imperiled our ability to combat and defeat the pandemic. Trump and his followers have not just surrendered to COVID-19, they have given aid and comfort to this viral invader.

This past election was not about our political and policy differences, but rather a referendum on the leadership required to preserve the sanctity of our democracy and our collective right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Fortunately, the still-to-be-accepted outcome of this election has chosen leadership that will protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign, domestic and yes, viral.

Howard Becker


Predictions for 2021

As New Year’s Day rapidly approaches (actually, it can’t come fast enough), I make the following predictions for 2021:

  • At noon on Jan. 20, Donald J. Trump will be escorted from the White House by surviving Secret Service officers. Citizen Trump will then be arrested by law enforcement agents from the Southern District of New York for his non-federal criminal activities.
  • Under the continued leadership of Mr. McConnell, the Senate will continue to be the graveyard of legislation as Republican members strive to make Mr. Biden a one-term president.
  • COVID-19 will have greatly reduced the Republican roles due to party members' blind allegiance to the ex-president’s (lack of) virus prevention policies. They all knew the virus was extinguished by Mr. Trump in April 2020!
  • GOP members, white supremacists and xenophobes will continue to rail against Hillary Clinton’s emails and attempt to prove that she is, indeed, running terrorist training camps in various Middle Eastern locales.
  • No conservative talk radio host will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom for spewing inane conspiracy theories that are meant to divide the nation and strengthen our enemies.
  • Last, but far from least, Mr. Biden will not constantly tweet racial slurs or stupid lies.

John Dickey


Trump's fascism

I voted for Biden, Obama, Clinton and Carter. I did not vote for Trump, Bush 2, Bush 1 and Reagan. Four I liked, four I did not. None of them would I call a socialist. Until now, none were un-American.

Trump’s days are waning, but he's as fascist a president as this country has seen. There is nothing patriotic about ignoring laws, claiming king-like authority and lying to America every day.

His lawyers have admitted in court they have no proof of fraud, and Republicans were observing the vote counts. There has been fraud found, the kind that happens every election — people sending ballots for dead relatives, or voting in two states. Maybe 20, 30 or even a thousand. Trump lost by more than 5 million votes.

Many senators are desperately clinging to Trump to stay afloat, parroting the lies. He is now trying to have thrown out valid ballots in his losing states, made by voters who obeyed the laws. He is raking in donations for the circus he is running. That's un-American.

What else is he not counting? The deaths from his mismanagement of the pandemic.

To everyone, some you like, some you don't: Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

James Franz


More sour grapes

Well, on and on it goes. Even after the election. Sour grapes that Trump carried North Carolina.

To D.G. Martin ("If I woke up as a Republican ..." Nov. 15): I am one of those aging white people, and that is where the similarities end in your categorization of me. I am probably more of a patriot than you could imagine. I believe removing statues of previous leaders of our country proves only one thing: a portion of the population’s disregard for our history. They should stand to remind us to never let that kind of hatred consume us as a country again. I also am a Christian, believing in life and forgiveness and the Bible.

And to Allen Johnson ("Dear Trump voters: Help me understand why," Nov. 15): How shallow your so-called friendships are. That you cannot look past a neighbor’s differing political views without questioning his or her morals does not speak well of your loyalty. If you will recall, Joe Biden has had sexual misconduct allegations in his past as well; and they were different from Trump’s in that they occurred while he was an elected official. Yes, Trump is far, far from perfect and I do not agree with a lot of the things you have rightly accused him of doing.

What I am questioning here is not the ability of a president, but your perception of friendship and introspection. I am proud to call many friends Democrats. Red and yellow and brown and Black and white. We are all precious in His sight, even me as an aging white person.

Gwynne Donohue


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