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Wednesday's letters

Wednesday's letters

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I read the letter headlined "Uncalled for" on Sunday (Jan. 9) and it made me curious. I do agree with the author that President Biden's speech about the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, was disappointing. I wasn't disappointed with the speech. I agreed with every word. I was disappointed that it had to be given at all.

The part that made me curious was when the writer said that he hoped Biden would have been more conciliatory. How and why could the president have been conciliatory toward people who either ignored, minimized or encouraged an attempt by a mob to overturn an election by preventing Congress from doing its constitutional duty?

By the way, if I was a Trump supporter I wouldn't keep bringing up Biden's approval rating. Although it's lower than most recent presidents, the only president who has had one lower at this point in his term was Donald Trump.

Gregory Narvid

High Point

Be a neighbor

People are still dying from COVID-19 and in large numbers. Anti-vaxxers and other COVID deniers want to dismiss COVID as no longer a danger, since the current most common variant, omicron, is not as deadly as some other variants. But the fact is that people are still dying, approximately 1,500 every day. We have passed the 830,000 mark, and at this rate we will pass the 1 million mark some time in May.

Please, if you are not vaccinated, if you are not wearing a mask fully over your nose and mouth, if you are not keeping distance from others, you are not only endangering yourself; you are also endangering your loved ones. You may think of it as "I have a right to …" or "No one can tell me …" or "It's no big deal."

Please take a deep breath and change your mind. We all need to be good friends and good neighbors to each other in order to stop spreading this virus and to stop giving it the opportunities to develop yet more variants.

Samuel Johnson


Thomas’ hypocrisy

Cal Thomas never fails to issue one-sided, misguided and misleading opinions. In a recent column (Jan. 7, “Schumer’s shameless hypocrisy is revealed in his filibuster flop”) he ignores Mitch McConnell’s own blatant hypocrisy. McConnell refused even to have a hearing for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, because he didn’t want to fill the seat in an election year, but he rushed through Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett mere weeks before an election.

McConnell has said that the Senate requires “deliberation and cooperation” and ensures that “laws earn enough buy-in to receive the lasting consent of the governed.”

Where was this concern for the “lasting consent of the governed” when Senate Republicans tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act by majority vote? Nor was there any interest in “deliberation and cooperation” when Republicans wanted a new round of corporate and upper-income tax cuts.

McConnell’s commitment to the filibuster is situational. He condemned the Democrats’ use of the “nuclear option” to get rid of it in 2013 — until President Trump needed Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and then it was bye-bye to the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees.

Let’s keep it real here — our political system is rife with hypocrisy, but for the last few decades the Republicans have taken the lead.

Lyn McCoy


Tanger delights

I just had my third spectacular experience at the Tanger Center in as many months! This time was a Christmas gift to granddaughter Mary Milam Shepherd. "Wicked," "Beautiful" and "Come From Away" exceeded all my expectations and passed my personal “chills and tears” test (Converse College, B.A. English, semester in London; saw 42 plays).

The Tanger Center is a rare jewel set in nearby downtown Greensboro, not New York City or Chicago, or Durham, or Charlotte! We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful place that offers Broadway productions, concerts, speakers and more.

I love the vibrant atmosphere in the tall modern lobby filled with hanging artwork. As people make their way to the theater doors, I felt the bubbling vibration of anticipation.

Parking attendants, security, ticket-scanners, ushers and others are well-trained in being friendly, helpful and accommodating. They even offered booster seats to my grandchildren (think Chick-fil-A on steroids).

The 3,000 seats are strategically arranged so that sight lines are great, even for petite people like me and my granddaughters. All three adored "Wicked." Looking around the inside of the theater with all the lighting feels magical, and as soon as the lights go down, there’s a hush over the crowd.

Bettie Rhodes


Tanger access

I was so grateful to attend the Tanger Center recently for a wonderful performance. However, I was also saddened to see so many elderly people struggle to keep from falling there. Unfortunately, many new buildings seem to be designed without significant input from the elderly. If the designers walk through this venue with some of our elders, they will quickly see the pertinent issues and perhaps still be able to address them.

I was also saddened to think of how many will not be able to attend the performances there due to financial reasons. It would be great if our community could find a way to have, for example, some free children’s concerts for those who otherwise would be unable to see a ballet or hear a symphony and so forth. After all, who knows what Baryshnikov, if awakened, we may be harboring in our midst.

Gay Davis


Majority does rule

I commend the letter on Dec. 21 regarding Sen. Joe Manchin’s “No” vote on Build Back Better. The writer asserts that Manchin is “obstructing majority rule.” Except for one small issue: Manchin would be the 51st “No” vote in the Senate. The majority of senators oppose BBB. That is the definition of “majority rules.”

Tom Anderson




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