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Wednesday's letters

Wednesday's letters

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An honorable senator

This morning I wrote the following:

Dear Mr. Burr,

I am both pleased and disappointed to be writing you now. Pleased, by how you have earned “Honorable Senator” to precede your name by your vote to convict our former president. Disappointed, because of the acrimonious, hypocritical diatribes from so-called conservative Republicans that have followed.

I am a registered independent voter. If you were to run again, I would vote for you.

In light of the reprehensible fallout across the nation for congressmen and women for voting their conscience, your fellow party members are displaying a sickening resolve to follow in the footsteps of the most dangerous man ever to hold the office of the presidency. It pains me; it confounds me; it leads me to wonder how long it will take to purge our national consciousness of the mendacity, the violence, the utter demagoguery of Donald Trump.

Thank you, with all my heart. Thank you for having a spine, for having a conscience, for doing your sworn duty.

I don’t know if these words offer any consolation, but there are a great many across America who laud your courageous decision.

I am a proud North Carolinian to stand beside you.

Sheila Duell


Party of Trump

With their censure of Sen. Burr for honoring his oath of office instead of following the crowd, the N.C. Republican Party has verified that it is no longer the Party of Lincoln and is, in fact, the Party of Trump.

Gone is the icon who represents much of what is right about America, only to be replaced by one who has shown by his actions now and throughout life to be the very model of a lying, selfish bully interested only in his personal benefit and notoriety.

Those of my family who were faithful members of the party for many years would, I am sure, hang their heads in shame and wonder with many of us "how in the world did we get to this sorry state of affairs?"

To my mind the more important question is how do we get back on track? Supporting another totally inexperienced and vapid member of the Trump spawn for our senator in the next election certainly can't be the answer!

Ken Sisk


Thank you, Sen. Burr

Thank you, Sen. Richard Burr, for your courage in doing the right thing, namely, standing with our Founding Fathers rather than with the Proud Boys, white supremacists and QAnon, among others.

The Roman proverb “Who will guard the guardians?”, which warned the people to be careful of all people in positions of power, comes to mind here. So, N.C. Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley, you’ve used your leadership to censure a 26-year loyal Republican veteran of the Senate. Are you intentionally modeling the so-called “cancel culture”? Apparently, you believe the Republican Party, which many of us senior citizens grew up with, is also the Trumpist Party. Such a delusion!

And, Mark Walker, you must feel like a pretzel after imagining that Trump and his incitement of the rabble at the Capitol coincide with your beliefs as a Christian minister. JFK’s "Profiles in Courage" apparently got skipped on your high school history reading list.

Kevin Haggerty


I won't vote GOP

The response of the North Carolina Republican Party to censure U.S. Sen. Richard Burr is appalling. Donald Trump called for his supporters to storm the Capitol and take back the election that he continues to claim he won despite 61 courts stating otherwise.

As an unaffiliated registered voter, I prided myself on voting for the best candidate. Now, I will make sure I never vote again for anyone running under today’s Republican Party.

The GOP is now the party of conspiracy theories, lies and overt discrimination against those of us who are tethered in reality.

Donna Ward


Tale of two cities

In 2005 a downtown baseball stadium was built in Greensboro with no tax dollars, no incentives, no public money. All of it was privately funded.

The stadium has given downtown Greensboro a reason to exist. Restaurants, apartments and other sources of tax dollars have sprung up all around. Greensboro families have the ability to enjoy America’s pastime at a reasonable cost.

In 2017, High Point asked the Guilford County commissioners for money for a stadium. The commissioners rightly denied the request, as Greensboro had built its stadium on its own. Fair is fair, after all. Or is it?

In last fall’s election, wealthy High Point citizens, sore about the rejection, threw money behind many Democratic candidates. Now, with “their” Democrats in control, High Pointers are back with their hands out, expecting a bailout of $7 million to fund their already-built stadium.

Since 2005, the Greensboro Grasshoppers have paid $3.3 million in property taxes, given well over $1.5 million to local charitable entities and added $150 million to the tax base. Meanwhile, the High Point stadium pays no property taxes.

Is the commissioners’ favorite pastime punishing the Greensboro Grasshoppers for being good citizens while rewarding High Point for being “on the dole”?

Wake up, Greensboro.

Susan Tysinger


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