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Wednesday's letters

Wednesday's letters

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Chainsaw massacre?

I have to agree with Allen Johnson (column, “They razed paradise. And put up a zip line,” Oct. 17). The growth of the Greensboro Science Center entertainment complex has truly been amazing and seems to be very well managed.

Yet, for some time now I have been quietly watching as so many of our mature trees are being removed and replaced with smaller “under canopy” trees and shrubbery to facilitate more and more development which seems to further divide the city into smaller and smaller islands of more densely packed neighborhoods and increase the flight by families of means to the outer ’burbs.

This version of “progress” looks and feels more like an attempt to maximize the tax base and revenue stream while minimizing quality of life and “livability.”

Our beautiful, welcoming and environmentally friendly leafy canopy is steadily and far too rapidly being decimated. Is it time to update our city logo to one of crossed chainsaws?

Dan Donovan


Who’s the bigot?

Bigotry has taken over too much political discourse these days. Progressives are quick to call out conservatives for intolerance. But progressivism is the most bigoted and intolerant of all current ideologies. Lately, progressives spew hatred at what most people have always considered common decency. They try to silence and cancel anyone who still upholds it.

But now, a howling mob, joined by a News & Record editorial, is calling for Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson to resign. There are plenty of progressive bigots who ought to resign, but where are the editorials demanding it?

Progressives have long been pushing the gay political agenda, among other things, down society’s throat with half-truths, lies and bullying tactics. They can’t or won’t distinguish between expressing disapproval of their ideological sacred cows and disparaging groups of people. And a lot of people are too intimidated to protest. I applaud Robinson’s stance, if not all of his rhetoric.

David Guion


Love vs. hate

I love our lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson. However, I must admit I have a big beef with him and could not disagree with him more on his stance about LGBTQ issues. I understand having a difference of opinion, but to openly come out (yes, I’m using that term) and refer to our LGBTQ neighbors as “filth”? I felt compelled to respond.

What Robinson said during a church visit last summer was alarming, egregious and, quite frankly, filled with hate.

To use such disdain and hurtful words toward any group of people is beyond my comprehension. Frankly, it’s hard to fathom — especially coming from the second highest-ranking political office in our state. But this is not about politics. This is about humanity, compassion, respect and empathy. It’s also about love. As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable.”

Yes, I love Mr. Robinson, not because of what he said but because our faith traditions command us to love one another, even when it’s difficult and we disagree. Perhaps Mr. Robinson should revisit the Golden Rule and the Bible verse: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Scott Cooper


On mandates

Every job I’ve ever had required that I take a drug test to prove I am drug free — mandate.

The state requires me to wear a seat belt while driving — mandate.

I have been in industrial settings where I’ve had to wear a hard hat, eye protection, gloves, ear protection and even a mask — all mandates.

My commission as an officer in the armed forces required that I maintain my weight and meet physical fitness standards — mandate.

I had to be eligible for worldwide travel, so I have a shot record pages thick — mandate.

I even had to have my wisdom teeth pulled — mandate.

Most of the jobs I’ve had require that I have to wear an ID badge with my name and picture on it — mandate.

I am willing to comply not just because I am “forced” to, but for my safety and the safety of those around me. Who decided that mask and vaccination mandates are somehow different and can be ignored?

Dan Flak


Return to sender

Surely Cal Thomas (“Time to stamp out the U.S. Postal Service,” Oct. 5) must know that the Pony Express was in existence for only 18 months and was not a financial success. He should also know the Postal Service is run like a private business and receives no taxpayer funds. The difference is it can’t make its own decisions. Every decision must be cleared through the USPS board (politically appointed). They can’t close offices, buy or sell vehicles or any other business decision on their own. By law they must deliver six days a week. They can’t even lay off unneeded workers.

They must prepay $5.5 billion every year to fund employee health plans, etc. What “private” business does this?

In the Republicans’ rush to privatize everything, can you imagine their version? They would get incentives, supplements, tax breaks, total-free rein with no oversight because who cares where the money goes?

If Ben Franklin came back today, he wouldn’t stamp out the USPS; he would revamp Congress.

Bob Martin


What if ...?

Five Republican senators that have announced they will not be seeking reelection. What if these retiring senators, as a parting gesture of bipartisanship, broke ranks with their party and voted with the Democrats to pass the Build Back Better reconciliation bill?

What if just two of these senators left their caucus to offset the enigmatic DINO (Democrat in Name Only) duo from Arizona and West Virginia? What if just two of the seven principled Republican senators who voted to convict the former president, further enhanced their senatorial legacies by doing what is truly “right” for the future of this country?

What if our own Sen. Burr led the way? Indeed, what if?

Howard Becker



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