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Wednesday's letters

Wednesday's letters

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Walker grovels

It is sad to see how former Congressman Mark Walker’s political career has devolved over the past couple of years.

The man who originally ran for Congress on the “People not Politics” theme has become nothing more than a puppet for the puppetmaster at Mar-a-Lago. Having been jilted in his bid for a Senate seat, Walker apparently is now groveling at the feet of King Trump for his blessings to run for the newly formed 7th district House seat (a district Walker doesn’t live in). While Walker’s past work in several areas, including advocating for funding for HBCUs and stopping human trafficking, were laudable, it appears now that he is only interested in what will make the puppetmaster happy.

Walker’s new campaign slogan should be “Trump not People.”

Ronny Bell


Acceptable losses

“Acceptable losses” are a military euphemism used to indicate casualties or destruction by the enemy that are considered tolerable. A significant portion of the U.S. populace accepts this euphemism as a tradeoff for their personal freedom regardless of the destruction it could do to the fabric of our society.

Gun control has gone off the rails in our country in pursuit of the freedom to have countless millions of weapons in the hands of its citizens. Sadly, those hands include felons, minors and the mentally ill. Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland and most recently Oxford, Mich., only serve as examples of our schoolchildren becoming acceptable losses.

Law enforcement officers all over the country face the distinct possibility of becoming fatalities when they answer domestic disturbances or execute traffic stops. Fallen heroes are created by a society that callously accepts these fatalities.

The COVID pandemic is another tragic example of our tacit consent to acceptable losses. With 785,000 deaths and untold misery in its wake, our country has refused to fight this common viral enemy together.

“Personal freedom” is apparently more important than commonsense precautions, including masks, personal distancing and vaccines/boosters. Nationally, we now log 1,000-plus deaths a day with nonchalance.

As we celebrate another Christmas season and the birth of our Savior, perhaps acceptable losses require a closer examination by one and all.

Bruce A. Hric


When will it end?

Arizona audits, Pennsylvania audits, Georgia audits ... they’ve already had their stinkin’ audits (Cyber Ninjas, the attorney general). Good God! Can these people not count?

The My Pillow guy spending millions on political shenanigans like his August “symposium” in South Dakota on how votes supposedly were stolen in Mesa County, Colo. ... criminy, what is this country coming to?

The elected Republican Mesa County clerk who participated in this farcical event after she allegegly helped to steal her office’s election data should be prosecuted. She is suspected of copying hard drives and election management software, including passwords that were used at the

symposium and also posted online. This event’s nonsense unfortunately has been spread online and continues the conspiracy theory of a stolen election.

The Colorado secretary of state says the county’s election equipment must now be replaced because of the security breach. Acts like this, with the assistance of elected officials and well-known personalities, weaken public confidence in elections. There’s a cost in dollars, and far worse, there’s a cost to democracy. Now there are new Republican voting laws stopping votes.

It must end, for the sake of our country. Or we soon won’t have a country anymore ... at least not one that is a democracy.

Gary Parker


Willful ignorance?

Two hundred words aren’t nearly enough space to convey my astonishment, revulsion and utter disdain for our most recent former president, whose continued efforts to create chaos and disunity among our citizens, for the sole purpose of salving his wounded ego, have been met with approval or a sort of ho-hum-what-else-is-new placidity by the shell-shocked masses.

In an age where our ability to gather and document information is at its zenith, what other excuse other than willful ignorance can be provided for not seeing former President Donald Trump for the dangerous psychopath he truly is, as the thousands of book, magazine and newspaper articles, not to mention all the legal depositions and public squabbles, have so painstakingly revealed?

The origins of this man’s pathology will be a matter of debate for a litany of future historians, as will his true culpability from a psychiatric standpoint. For the here and now, we must continue to toe the line of accountability for his grievous insults of so many people, as individuals and as a nation.

Pat McCrary



A cartoon in Tuesday’s edition was missing a word in its quote from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s speech about the attack on Pearl Harbor: It should have been a

“... a date which will live in infamy.”


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