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Nearly a year ago, Mark Brazil had this to say about a new Saudi, Arabia-backed professional golf tour that was dangling unprecedented paydays to lure star players:

Two House Republicans in the General Assembly rightly have been stripped of committee leadership roles after making offensive remarks about Democratic colleagues.

With her wild hair, peekaboo sweater and extraordinary claim that then-presidential candidate Joe Biden had sexually assaulted her, Tara Reade merited considerable skepticism. Any such accusation deserved a hearing, of course, but Reade was an obvious nutjob and Putin shill. Why did she have to be "believed" right off the bat?

A few months ago, Mike Rowe stumbled on a 2011 video of himself speaking in front of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee during the Obama administration about the mindset of government toward skilled trades. His argument was that skilled trades were the key to saving our economy, not those jobs that require a four-year degree.


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