We really are living through a play in the national theatre of the absurd. We have a president who brags about “acing” a test intended merely to show whether he had dementia — which, had it been positive, might have explained his 20,000 lies and counting. Then there’s accused sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell and his warm words of support for her.

And in the middle of everything else, the president finds time to promote beans and Confederate statues and criticize cartoons. But don’t forget QAnon, the whacked-out, bat-guano-crazy conspiracy group that Trump finds perfectly reasonable.

Yet some people continue to be swayed by the lure of false equivalence: “Oh, both parties are bad (or corrupt, or inept, or liars, or led by con men and grifters), and that’s why I’m an independent.” I don’t blame them for making that argument. At this point, what other choice does a Republican/independent have? Even with heavy doses of political platitudes and worn-out criticisms of Democrats (they’re socialists, naïve utopians, big spenders, tree-huggers, etc.), these words, even if wholly accurate, do not level the playing field.

Let’s face it. This is the mad scene for Republicans.

Joe Buchanan


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