The rise in the number of cases of anti-Semitic incidents in our country has puzzled and saddened many thoughtful, fair-minded citizens.

Unfortunately, Greensboro and North Carolina have not been exempt from this scourge.

Simple logic dictates that all people, particularly those who have been persecuted or discriminated against in the past, would have a profound sense of empathy for the Jewish people in view of the egregious atrocities that they were subjected to at the hands of the Nazis some 80 years ago. The Holocaust museums in different parts of the world are a vivid manifestation of this suffering.

The Jewish people in Greensboro and in so many places in the world have been exemplary citizens. Their philanthropy and generosity are ubiquitous in our city.

The city has expressed its appreciation by naming roads, hospitals, schools, libraries and other institutions throughout Greensboro after its Jewish benefactors. Similar examples abound in other cities.

The above narrative should convince all concerned citizens that anti-Semitism has no place in our society. This argument must, of course, extend to people of all races, national origins, religions and colors. There must be an end to discrimination of all kinds without any excuses or delay.

Our national leaders and people in responsible positions — police officers, judges, clergy, teachers, elected officials — bear a heavy responsibility to realize this urgent need and lead the way through bold public statements and actions.

Suresh Chandra


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