Regarding the impending closure of the Magnolia Birth Center in Greensboro:

I’m happy to read that Cone Health recognizes the need for a local birth center, as they’re in an optimal position to prevent Magnolia’s closure. It’s as simple as amending their policy to allow willing obstetricians in Cone-owned practices to serve in a supervisory capacity for the center.

This would enable Magnolia’s colleagues in the Cone medical community to continue their mutually beneficial partnership. In this time of national crisis, keeping healthy, low-risk mothers and babies out of the hospital reduces their risk of adverse exposures, and conserves beds and resources for higher-risk pregnancies that truly require them.

It would be a disservice to the local community to interrupt access to the myriad resources that Magnolia provides, especially to diverse and low-income families.

While defined by its compassionate, evidence-based prenatal care, Magnolia offers unique classes supporting physiologic childbirth and breast-feeding. It offers infant care classes, well-woman visits, mental health and STD screenings, and ongoing postpartum support for parents.

Hundreds of families benefit from the Magnolia-Cone partnership, which seamlessly integrates their individual strengths, ensuring excellence in patient outcomes.

Thus, I call on Cone Health to reaffirm its commitment to accessible community health care through its prompt support of Magnolia Birth Center

Liza Winchester, MSN, ACNPC-AG


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