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Ted Budd

Congressman Ted Budd must be wearing his mask over his eyes and ears.

Some questions come to mind regarding his letter (News & Record, July 24).

President Trump is leading “the Great American Comeback”? He is “excited” to see our economy roar back to “historic heights”?

Where has he been living since February 2020?

Due to Trump’s nonhandling of the coronavirus pandemic, this country may be headed into another depression.

Due to Trump’s perceived racist and militaristic views, there is enormous unrest all over our country.

Due to Trump’s authoritarian and underhanded ways of handling crises, he has done enormous harm to our democratic way of life.

And … you are excited in a good way?

Rep. Budd probably has the skill to get on his computer and look up statistical (non-alternative) facts related to the issues above. It’s also assumed that he has the mental facility to understand the seriousness of those statistics.

Who is more important? The citizens in his state and nation or the failed president who he and the Republican Party choose to bolster — no matter what he says or does? Right or wrong? Truth or lies?

The USMCA may be a “Win for the Tarheel State.” Let’s hope he’s right about at least one thing. My brother-in-law in Tennessee has an old saying: “Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.”

Miriam Hamill


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