The front page of the June 19 News & Record carries the story of the Vargas brothers, Guillermo and Jonathan, two DACA recipients celebrating the Supreme Court decision not to end the program.

They are “safe” for now, but for how long? President Trump vows to attempt again to end DACA.

Despite what the president has had to say, fewer than 0.5% of DACA recipients have had their protections revoked as a result of criminal activity.

The remaining 99%-plus continue to submit their applications along with the required supporting documents and pay the $495 fee every two years.

So, while they wait and hope, let us celebrate these two young men. They earned associate’s degrees in nursing, became licensed registered nurses and work as ICU nurses treating COVID-19 patients.

While working full time, they are continuing their education in the hope of becoming nurse anesthetists.

Like other DACA recipients, the brothers contribute to their community, pay taxes and support the economy.

It is time to fix the U.S. immigration system. Time for the Vargas brothers and the thousands like them to be able to pursue their dreams without having to worry about being deported.

Marilyn Evans

High Point

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