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Ignoring science will have consequences

Ignoring science will have consequences

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In his opinion piece (Sunday, Aug. 2) Allen Johnson concluded that “Americans would have managed this disease by now if only this administration (and most Republicans) had committed to facts over willful ignorance. And to the greater good over political expedience.”

How true. Additionally, it is mind-boggling that so many Americans, when confronted with a health issue, chose to follow the advice of President Trump, who is not a doctor, rather than that of trained infectious-disease physicians whose recommendations are based on years of medical study.

This anomaly is also evident when it comes to climate change. Why are this administration and many of its adherents ignoring the experts, whose warnings are based on years of study and accumulated knowledge? Will we never learn? We must move away from fossil fuels now, today, before it’s too late, just as it is now too late to stop the pandemic in its tracks.

In both cases, we have a lot of catching up to do. We should have acted long ago.

Maureen Parker


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