In 2019, there were 27 days without reported police killings (Mapping Police Violence). Statistics like these show that despite the amount of diversity training, nothing has had the intended effect on this country’s police force.

Maybe it’s time to try another approach.

It may be useful to adopt what private industries have instituted a long time ago to reduce accidents in the workplace: keeping a count of the days without accidents in a prominent place.

Establishing a goal for days without shootings may help to change the culture of policing. As an incentive, a bonus should be distributed among the participating officers in the precinct reaching the goal.

This sounds expensive, but in addition to the worthwhile effect of saving lives it will reduce the amount of money to be disbursed by cities as payments for lawsuits and to keep lawyers on retainer.

It could be an innovative approach to achieve what has been eluding us for so many years. Police will have a monetary incentive to think before shooting (to do the right thing). Not to mention the advantage of not having any partisan tinge.

It sounds like a win-win situation that both Republicans and Democrats could accept.

Lucia De Ratmiroff


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