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Parents and students hold signs Wednesday during a pro-activity rally outside of Guilford County Schools’ central office in Greensboro. About 60 to 70 people expressed concern about the school system’s decision to push back the start of fall sports workouts and marching band practice.

To Greensboro students and parents urging opening of football season in their schools, I offer opening lines to a poem apropos to this:

“It is not enough to get a doll/ when you asked for a pony./ But juvenile desires are just that, juvenile./ Reason is absent and we don’t understand/ why we can’t have what we want NOW.”

I worked for 32 years counseling youth. I understand how the restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 severely deprive our children of vital physical, mental and psychological development. It is, indeed, a tragic situation.

We are asking our youth to sacrifice a significant part of their lives to preserve public health and save the lives of many. There are children who sacrificed even more of their youth, yet survived Nazi concentration camps.

Chuck Doak, Southwest Guilford’s football coach, says, “Tell us what we need to do.”

My answer is to model for the students how to be heroes by sacrificing their pressing urge to play — whether in sports or in the band — thereby saving lives from COVID-19.

I’d like to see a rally (observing social distancing) to support “Being a Hero For Health.”

Yvonne Williams


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