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Letters to editor say the darnedest things

Letters to editor say the darnedest things

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There have been some “interesting” submissions in the letters section lately.

One said “Conservatives want clean air and water too.” Well, dear writer, your local representatives in Congress, Messrs. Budd and Walker, apparently do not based on recent votes. Another one said that the federal law enforcement restored law and order to Portland. No, dear reader, they made it worse. Portland didn’t start to calm down until after the federal officers left. That whole thing was just a political ploy by the White House.

The topper however, was your columnist who says the Democrats are the real racists. In the mid-20th and 19th centuries, that was correct. However, those racist Southern Democrats are now racist Southern Republicans, who thoroughly lap up whatever the White House doles out.

As for the “old, racist white guy” accusations against Biden, the current occupant of the White House has based his entire political existence on race-baiting.

When one uses Louie Gohmert as an example of a political statesman? Give me a break.

Jim Galler


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