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Mail-in voting isn’t flawless, but it works

Mail-in voting isn’t flawless, but it works

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You may have seen this meme on Facebook which begins “If you won the Powerball, would you mail in the ticket or go in person? Why?”

The implication is that you would be concerned that the post office might lose your winning ticket.

Well, I’ve never had mail go astray, but I know there’s probably a miniscule chance that the ticket might be lost, and therefore I would go in person. The meme closes with: “(Remember that when you vote).” I remember other factors that might affect my choice to vote, in addition to the tiny possibility that the post office could lose my ballot:

1. I might catch the COVID-19 virus or some other plague of the decade.

2. I might have to go out in the rain or snow to vote.

3. I might have to lose a day’s pay.

4. I might have no good way to get to my polling place.

5. I might have to wait in long lines for several hours to vote.

The choice is clear: Everyone should vote by mail, as my son does with no problems in Washington state.

Harvey Herman


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