Kathleen Parker’s latest column (“The future of Black Lives Matter,” July 29) isn’t bad.

The Black Lives Matter protests have gotten way out of hand, just like the Vietnam War protests, which also started correctly.

We were in a war that the U.S. did not want to win. Then the protests morphed into rallies against “capitalism.”

Oddly enough, one of capitalism’s foremost critics was Jerry Rubin, who eventually became a businessman and a millionaire, for God’s sake.

As for today protests, in the words of Condoleezza Rice, “Race is a constant factor in American life. Yet, reacting to every incident, real or imagined, is crippling, tiring and ultimately counterproductive.”

It’s time to bury the hatchet and go home. Demilitarizing police is a joke. Body cameras now bring more opportunities for restitution to our citizens.

Hold a rally once a year as a reminder and, for COVID’s sake, go home.

Richard Rainey


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