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So you want freedom? Here’s how to get it.

So you want freedom? Here’s how to get it.

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When a major hurricane threatens a coastal community, evacuation orders are given by the state and local governments. Sometimes these orders are mandatory, which simply means that the resident should evacuate because there will be no assistance during the storm.

Additionally, the authorities ask the resident for next of kin, in the event of his or her death. That all seems very reasonable: If a person is going to assert the freedom to “ride out a storm,” then that same person should be expected to bear responsibility for that decision.

Likewise, here’s a simple suggestion for all those COVID-19 protesters who think they are just as qualified as health scientists to judge when it’s safe to return to normalcy. Can the state not give them a bracelet or necklace that says, “In case of COVID-19 infection, do not treat.”

I suspect that, while many of the protesters and bar flies would wear the bracelet proudly as a badge of honor, most would remove it before going to the hospital.

A similar approach could be provided to those motorcyclists who prefer not wearing helmets — or for smokers who ignore the voluminous health warnings.

After all, it’s just personal responsibility. Right?

Joe Buchanan


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