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Storm trooper rhetoric slanders the president

Storm trooper rhetoric slanders the president

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Recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi complained of the dispatch of U.S. Marshals to protect federal property in several cities. She described the Marshals as “Trump’s storm troopers,” a despicable distortion of history. The “storm trooper” term originated in World War I. It described special assault troops in the German Army whose task was to take control of enemy bunkers and fortifications.

After the war, the word was applied to Hitler’s “SA” or “Sturmabteiling,” also known as the “Brownshirts.” As Hitler sought to gain power, the SA’s task was to riot in the streets, create maximum chaos, disrupt rallies held by opposition parties, and when possible, beat up opposition leaders. The government of Weimar, Germany, was too timid and demoralized to suppress the SA and the latter were allowed to rule the streets as Hitler terrorized his foes. Once in office, Hitler disbanded the SA since it was such an unruly bunch — he also murdered its leaders.

Speaker Pelosi is either woefully ignorant of history or she is deliberately trying to misrepresent it. Her slander of Trump and the U.S. Marshals is but one of many. The real “storm troopers” are antifa and the BLM militants, not the U.S. Marshals.

W.E. James


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