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The feds in Portland stopped arson, chaos

The feds in Portland stopped arson, chaos

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There have been recent violent riots in Portland, Ore. Your editorial, “Assault on our Cities” (July 20), would have us believe that these so called peaceful protests have been taken over by a few agitators.

The claim that the presence of federal law enforcement has exacerbated the violence is a deliberate canard. These senseless riots started well before those officers arrived.

None of the rioters in Portland are peaceful protesters. They are willing participants in property destruction, arson and chaos .

The federal officers in Portland are there to protect the federal courthouse, which has come under attack and may have been burned to the ground if it wasn’t for their presence.

Many of these officers have been seriously injured enforcing the law. Some have been permanently blinded by lasers. Others have been wounded with rocks, frozen water bottles, sharpened PVC pipe, Molotov cocktails and commercial-grade, mortar type fireworks.

President Trump is right to employ forces to protect federal property. Nancy Pelosi’s calling them “ storm troopers,” “Nazis” and “Gestapo” is disgusting and absurd.

I am waiting for Joe Biden to condemn this wanton anarchy.

Fred Gregory

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