Thank you, Maureen Parker, for reminding us of the importance of working to combat climate change (letter, July 12). This is why, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and in light of recent desperate pleas for peace, I am encouraged to explore the benefits of a community garden.

Gardening helps promote a climate healthy diet, meaning more veggies and less factory-produced food. The cessation of travel required to transport fruits and vegetables (1,518 miles on average in the U.S.) will lower the amount of “dirty diesel particles” emitted into the air. Two pounds of carbon dioxide are eliminated for every one pound of produce grown instead of buying. And everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy food choices.

Gardening lifts the spirit. Harvesting produce provides a sense of accomplishment. Not only are flowers beautiful but they also help balance nature, move pests away and support “good bugs,” which keep plants safe. I love it!

Do your research. Consider calling your member of Congress to support carbon pricing legislation while you’re at it.

Oh yeah, and be sure to wear your mask when gardening with others and practice social distancing.

Karlah Burton


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