When I saw self-righteous Republican members of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners defiantly flout respectful and responsible pandemic precaution guidelines to wear masks, I recoiled in anger and frustration.

My first impulse was writing an excoriating letter to each, denouncing their collective public stunt, a reckless exhibition of personal freedom and liberty.

Instead, listening to my better angel, I took the high road, writing this personal letter to each commissioner, whom I know personally: Chairman Jeff Phillips, Vice Chairman Alan Perdue, Alan Branson, Justin Conrad and Hank Henning:

“I want to help you. Right now, I know you’re really busy, serving Guilford County. With so much on your mind, you probably overlooked the need to wear a face mask at meetings. No worries, though. I am providing you with the accompanying mask.

“Please wear it. In doing so, you will show sincere respect for your commissioner colleagues, county staff and fellow citizens. What’s more, you will confirm your leadership as a resolute role model, practicing the Golden Rule.

“As always, thanks for your service to Guilford County. Of course, be safe, secure, nimble, respectfully masked, creatively cloistered, delightfully ensconced and, of course, happily and productively sequestered.”

Ivan Saul Cutler


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