As I’ve watched the protests, riots, looting and firing of editors for printing “out of favor” op-ed pieces and virtue-signaling by the truckload, I’m reminded of something we saw in the 1960s. Not in the U.S. but in China.

The Cultural Revolution unleased by Mao Zedong, chairman of the Communist Party, expelled unwanted thoughts and those who had them. Chinese who worshiped Mao (insert diversity, LGBT, etc.) were encouraged to expose, harass and in many cases physically attack those who did not toe the party line. This led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the streets and in the “reeducation” camps.

We’re now seeing people lose jobs for their thoughts (those not approved by the “woke”) and actions from years or decades ago. Public shaming has come back into style. I guess stocks and pillories are not far behind.

This might be a good time for some reflection on where we’re headed.

Mike Sigmon


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