President Trump’s sanity lasted a week, the best news we’ve had in a long time.

Now we’re back to normal.

Baby Donnie Johnnie’s on another hydroxychloroquine rant, promoting quacks and frauds, bingeing Faux News, and cavorting with web charlatans.

A foreign accent doesn’t guarantee a doctor’s competence. Neither does getting elected to high office, as Sen. Rand Paul took pains to prove.

A group of doubter doctors met in Greensboro a while back, and one informed us that masks trapped CO2 but let the virus through. And one “Karen” recently proclaimed that a mask incapable of blocking a fart smell couldn’t block a virus.

The Trumpian illiterati need science and math lessons.

COVID-19 viruses are well more than 200 times bigger than molecules of H2S (fart aroma) and CO2. Masks that quite effectively block the virus are wide open to letting the molecules through.

This, like infection and death statistics, is just basic math that escapes Donnie Johnnie and many folks with more politics than sense.

What a shame that, in a raging pandemic brought about by the president’s ignorance, inveracity, incompetence, inaction and irresponsibility, all we get is a week of respite, while the deaths due to his malfeasance in office continue.

Christopher C. Tew


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