Pete Little’s recent article “Why this Christian supports President Trump” (Oct. 30) speaks to the difficulty many of us have had in understanding evangelicals’ strong support of this president. Donald Trump, Franklin Graham and similar others are exemplars of how espousing “Christianity” can be used for self-glorification and enrichment. Trump’s behavior in particular is the opposite of Christ’s recommendations to give away our riches and to care for the needs of the poor.

Trump’s extreme narcissism makes him unable to admit wrongdoing, ask forgiveness or repent, but should we allow that flaw to be an excuse for the harm that he repeatedly does to other people? Christians evangelize others to join them in believing in Christ’s teachings, but supporting leaders like Trump sends the opposite message.

Bullying, name-calling, fear-mongering and seeking the help of foreign leaders in our elections do not represent Jesus’ methods for raising up mankind. Christians should consider that adulating leaders with non-Christian behaviors may partially explain why the percentage of the U.S. population reporting “no religion” has increased from about 8% to 23.1% since 1989, while evangelicals have declined to 22.5% and mainline Christians from more than 20% to 11%.

Wayne Hale


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