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Trump supporters need to wise up

Trump supporters need to wise up

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I have tried to give Trump supporters the benefit of the doubt. After all, good people are often taken in by con men.

However, the last few days have caused me to rethink not only their reading level, but their overall capacity to differentiate between fact and fantasy.

The Mueller report was more than 300 pages; the King James Version of the Bible is more than 1,200 pages and took 11 years for a group of scholars to translate. Surely folks who claim to have read the Bible multiple times can make sense of 300 or so pages.

Trump released the transcript of his phone call with the president of Ukraine. It was written on about a six-grade reading level and clearly showed that Trump wanted a “favor” to help him with his 2020 campaign. It was implied that in return for the favor he would release the $391 million in aid that Congress granted Ukraine.

If any other president had done this the Republicans would have been shouting, “Lock him up!”

Honestly, I am more concerned about what Trump and his minions have done and are doing to the environment and immigrants, and about the lack of action in the Republican-controlled Senate on sensible gun-safety laws.

Jo Lynn


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