Is it just me or is it a double standard when it comes to using video to convict police officers and criminals?

I cannot turn on my computer and look at the news without seeing videos on top of videos showing law enforcement committing illegal and inappropriate acts against people.

I think it is a great thing when we can use this documentation to make sure these individuals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as they should be.

I am, however, curious as to why we are not using those same resources when it comes to protesters or individuals involved in looting, rioting, illegally obstructing highways and streets, damaging businesses and property, etc.

Why is it that, after all the illegal activities that have taken place in our cities over the last few weeks, I saw in our News & Record where only one individual was prosecuted for breaking a window downtown?

If we have the technology to bring justice to bad law enforcement officials, then why don’t we use it to prosecute these so-called “peaceful, legal protesters?”

H. Mark Hardcastle


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