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Paul, George, Ringo in harmony

``Hi, Paul, I'm from Good Day Sunshine magazine. I really like the new album.' So began Paul McCartney's press conference to announce his world tour (the U.S. leg begins April 14 in Vegas). McCartney confirmed that he, George and Ringo would provide new music for the John Lennon segment of an upcoming Beatles documentary.

``I don't think anyone wants us to re-form, but to make music as friends would be nice,' he said. The film will clarify such things as McCartney's shoeless Abbey Road stroll. ``I was hot! I had sandals on, I kicked them off. Big deal!'Journalists make news by showing up in movies

``On the left' Michael Kinsley of CNN's ``Crossfire' (and the New Republic) plays a reporter in fellow liberal Philip Kaufman's upcoming movie thriller ``Rising Sun.' A conservative TV gadfly from the right, John McLaughlin of the self-named ``The McLaughlin Group,' will be seen in another Hollywood movie, ``Dave,' playing a loud, acerbic, conservative political talk show moderator _ himself.

Last year National Public Radio's Supreme Court reporter Nina Totenberg was a surprise face in the Eddie Murphy comedy ``The Distinguished Gentleman.' And Ben Bradlee, retired executive editor of The Washington Post, shows up with his wife, writer Sally Quinn, in the just-released remake of ``Born Yesterday.'

What's going on? Well, it seems if there ever was any question that fact and fantasy are mixing even in the highest levels of American punditry, the answer should be clear now.

``People can't tell the difference between news and movies anyway,' said journalist-screenwriter Jeff Silverman, who, after years playing a reporter in cameos, says with a laugh that he now only ``wants to take roles that allow me to stretch.' (He was a mugger in ``Exposed' and a ballplayer in ``Field of Dreams.')

'70s stars aren't forgotten

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. The Captain and Tennille headlined a Boston benefit that raised $37,000 for the AIDS Action Committee. The bill included Tony Defranco and other polyester-decade survivors too scary to mention.

``People were screaming like it was the Beatles,' says Toni Tennille. ``I was uncomfortable. Funny thing is, a lot of them were young.'

Movie features famous rappers

It's a rap. OK, bad puns aside, ``Who's the Man?,' the big-screen debut of Dr. Dre and Ed Lover (of ``Yo! MTV Raps' fame), is set for an April release and features cameos by Yo-Yo, Ice-T and basically everyone who's ever cut a rap record.

``We envisioned five or 10 cameos,' says Dre (who explains the film was easy because he's ``been a student of television for 20-some-odd years'). ``But due to as many favors as we've done, they decided to give us a hand.'

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