Kathy Putnam draws folks into her project using this African proverb: ``It takes a village to raise a child.'

Putnam, who heads UNCG's Teen Secondary Pregnancy Prevention Project, believes community involvement is needed for social programs to succeed. As a result, she's working to get people in Durham, Vance and Franklin Counties involved in state-sponsored Adolescent Parenting Programs.The project is operated by UNCG's Department of Social Services with a $90,000 grant from the Z. Smith Reynolds and the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundations.

The project gathers interested citizens, social services staff, business people and local government officials into leadership councils that help direct the Adolescent Parenting Programs.

``Social workers and social agencies are not trained to work with the community,' Putnam says. ``They are trained to work with individuals and homes and they are rather overworked with immediate problems.'

Project staffers train the councils to help select teen participants, recruit and train volunteers, take care of publicity and keep the program going.

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