A helicopter flying to rescue an accident victim broke apart and crashed onto a highway after it hit power lines in the fog, killing the nurse and critically injuring the pilot and therapist on board.

A motorist was injured when his car was struck by debris from the helicopter, authorities said. He was in stable condition Sunday.The Life Star helicopter was going to pick up a motorcycle accident victim at a rest stop on Interstate 91 when it crashed Saturday evening, state police said.

A state trooper at the scene said the copter was making its approach to a landing zone marked by flares when it hit high-tension wires perpendicular to the road and exploded, Trooper Mark Wallack said.

The tail section was torn from the passenger section and fell onto the median guard rail. The fuselage spun out of control, flipped over and landed on in the median about 50 yards away.

Debris scattered across the interstate, which was closed in both directions until Sunday morning.

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