There is an immense and discouraging misconception and misunderstanding among Americans. This is caused by people representing both pro-war and pro-peace opinions.

People who participate in demonstrations and peace vigils are not ``communist pinko liberals' and the other colorful labels assigned to them; nor are people who are saying ``kill Saddam' warmongers. Before anyone assigns a label to anyone, they need to make sure they have some idea as to what they are saying. And whether you agree with the opinion or not, please respect each person's right to express their opinion.You may or may not support the actions of the U.S. Armed Forces, yet it is possible to support the people. They are our sons and daughters, our father and mothers, our friends. Many of you many remember Vietnam - and hopefully when our troops, all of them, return from the Persian Gulf, they will not meet the same malice and degradation those soldiers did. Remember, the choice of violence was not all theirs.

I am not asking anyone to accept the fact that I cannot, do not, and never will accept or support a violent and fatal alternative as a solution to a problem, as I have participated in demonstrations and vigils and joined with people who share my opinion. Rather, I am asking that the prayers and hope for peace do not stop - it is never too late.

Allan Weeks\ Greensboro

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