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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Man in the mirror

If you poke a hornets’ nest you can expect to get stung.

If Mr. Nelson Johnson wants to place blame and get an apology (for the events of Nov. 3, 1979), I suggest he look in the mirror.

Kenny Jones


If God chose Trump, he chose all leaders

Patricia Hurt (column, “It is God’s will that Trump is president,” Nov. 10) begins with a (sort of) valid biblical argument for God backing Trump as president: Romans 13:1-5.

Following that proof texting, we’d have to assume that whoever is in government office is God’s choice for our authority. Following that, we’d have to assume God has handed over his authority to whomever won the election, be they good or evil.

I’m not going to proof text, but I’m sure I could find a Bible verse that asks one to try to distinguish between good and evil.

Ms. Hurt’s defense of God’s word falls apart when she plays partisan politics by stating that a Democrat could never have accomplished the good Trump has achieved.

She has found biblical justification for an inept, immoral man.

Meg Huffman


Leftist sources don’t tell the whole story

John Newsom’s article poo-pooing the serious concerns about the rabidly leftist political climate on most college campuses (blog post, “The ‘student panic industrial complex,” Nov. 12) cites Vox and The Chronicle of Higher Education as his sources. Sorry, but neither is an objective resource for the issue.

For some balance, instead of one trivial case, why does he not cite the constant hostility shown toward conservative guest speakers, if they are ever invited to a modern campus? The programs of indoctrination in orientation classes? The typical reading materials thrust upon students in their education, literature, sociology or history classes? Why does he not consult Campus Reform, the National Association of Scholars, the Pope Foundation, or the Heritage Foundation for some expertise on the issue? Sorry, but Newsom’s apology fails miserably.

William James


Thank God Hillary did not win in 2016

I am so happy Hillary Clinton was not elected president. Just think how our government would operate.

I should think that such a person would do all she could to subvert the Constitution, obstruct justice and deceive the American people, while being opaque in all matters.

I’m positive Hillary would have carried out President Obama’s policy of separating families seeking refuge at our border.

Children would have been caged, denied basic human needs and died during a false state of emergency created by the Oval Office.

She would have fired all credible advisers and surrounded herself with toadies who cared little about governance and/or national security matters.

There would have been so many criminal and political investigations that no legislation could have been passed.

North Korea and Russia would have made significant strides in their nuclear arms capabilities and worldwide power as our previous allies laughed openly at America’s childish behavior.

John Dickey


Districting still tainted by partisan interests

The ongoing redistricting process in the N.C. General Assembly, now at the congressional district level, continues to be a farce and a disgrace. By using considerations of candidate incumbency in drawing new maps, the Joint Select Committee is, in fact, continuing the shameful practice of basing the process on the old, partisan-shaped maps that the courts have rejected.

Despite noble-sounding pledges from some legislators that they were working for a non-partisan commission to do the redistricting, nothing has been done in the legislature to make that happen. Instead, after stalling as long as possible, the committee now declares it is up against a deadline and is once again rushing through the process with minimal transparency, with what seems on camera to be input from unseen advisers behind closed doors, hanging on to as much of the old mapping as possible, and with a very short window of opportunity for input from the public.

Legislators in either party who cannot keep their offices following fair and impartial redistricting did not deserve to hold those offices in the first place. They were, and are, nothing but carpetbaggers and party con artists, and deserve to be run out of their districts on rails.

David Hammond


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