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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Too little, too late

Belatedly, President Trump recognized the danger and declared war on the "silent enemy" COVID-19. Unlike a wartime commander in chief, he did not mobilize his best generals (doctors, health officials, scientists) and create a national strategy, nor did he collaborate with allied countries.

At this stage, with less than 5% of the world's population, our country has suffered 24% of the global confirmed cases of COVID-19 — and 21% of the world's deaths. Having lost the battle — and our economy and jobs — thus far, what "silent" language should the survivors be learning to deal with the occupying enemy?

In his reelection paranoia, needing a silver bullet, the president has bullied government officials — whose roles are to protect our health and well-being — into premature temporary authorizations of tests and therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine and convalescent blood plasma. Would this president demand early authorization of a vaccine before appropriate testing is completed?

And if 43% of American adults are already saying they would likely avoid even a fully vetted vaccine, would that be another losing tactic?

William Cross


Expand Medicaid

North Carolina continues with the asinine policy of rejecting the expansion of Medicaid as one of only 12 states holding out. With the pandemic causing massive unemployment and people losing their health insurance when services are in great demand, well more than 500,000 North Carolinians need affordable health insurance.

In addition to the health insurance Medicaid expansion would provide under the Affordable Care Act, our tax money would remain in our state and provide thousands of jobs and support for hospitals. Small rural hospitals are in greatest need of this support.

Gov. Cooper is doing all he can to expand Medicaid, but the General Assembly refuses to act. Jon Hardister, one of our representatives from Guilford County, is a member of Republican leadership and has opposed Medicaid expansion. I urge voters to cast their ballots against Rep. Hardister and all of the other Republican legislators.

Larry Standley


Rushed vaccine

North Carolina citizens should remain wary of President Trump’s political and self-serving motives for pressuring the FDA to fast-track coronavirus treatments and vaccines. Trump's tactics reveal much about his continued efforts to mislead the American public.

This was demonstrated a few weeks ago when Trump ventured to a pharmaceutical lab in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, where he declared, "We will achieve a victory over the virus by unleashing American scientific genius.”

Trump's language not only diverted public attention away from his administration’s incompetent handling of the pandemic, but it falsely suggested that he is responsible for a vaccine that has yet to be approved.

Attributing responsibility for a “victory” to Trump would be like Churchill having announced before the Battle of Britain ended that it was mostly he and not the brave RAF pilots who had beaten back the German air force.

Credit for a vaccine ought to go mainly to the scientists who dedicated themselves to finding it rather than to one who has often disparaged science, denied the seriousness of the pandemic and divided Americans over how to deal with it.

Kenneth Zagacki


Torture ignored

Progressivism supposedly promotes social progress and reform through both societal change and government intervention.

Ideally, it represents civility and continuous improvement of the human condition. It embraces all levels of human endeavor, most definitely including animal welfare, but this is currently the weakest area of progressive activity. Our society is supposedly permeated by "systemic racism," a dubious contention, but systemic animal cruelty for profit is rampant and repugnant, yet progressives, like Cal Cunningham and Kathy Manning, are silent on the subject.

The roughly 60,000-plus dogs tortured to death every year cannot vote, but animal rights and rescue volunteers can! We will be happy to actively support any campaign which vows to end this national atrocity and join the majority of nations that have outlawed it.

A real "progressive" would not hesitate!

Bob Gaines


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