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A nice upgrade to a bathtub with an old stationary showerhead is replacing it with a movable hand shower on a bar. It’ s a popular improvement and convenient addition that extends the use of the bathtub. With a movable head, it can become a soothing spray of warm water to massage sore joints, back pain and muscles.

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Trash can: Or better yet, separate receptacles for waste and recyclables. Take it one step further with a paper shredder.

President Trump said today he will posthumously pardon Susan B. Anthony, who was arrested and fined for illegally voting in 1872. Incidentally…

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These keyboards look weird and the first time you use one, you’re probably not going to like it. There will be a learning period to get back up to your normal typing speed. However, it can greatly reduce the potential for certain wrist problems. Their odd design positions your hands in a more natural straight line, instead of being bent as when you’re using a traditional keyboard.


GREENSBORO — Heads were bowed. Hands were lifted. Circles of people were formed. And prayers were said at City Hall on Saturday afternoon. Lot…


One of my favorite stories is about a rabbi who asked his class how they could tell, when the night was over and a new day had dawned. One stu…

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If you are sick with COVID-19 (suspected or confirmed) you should limit contact with pets and other animals like you would around contacts with other people.

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