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I am a two-pack-a-day cigarette smoker and have been for 44 years. I still enjoy my ``bad habit.' What I do not enjoy are the lies and propaganda that these anti-smokers are dishing out today.

I was in the work place for 34 years and 27 of those years I was fortunate enough to smoke at my work place along with other smokers. I would not want to be out in the job market today, as many employers simply won't hire a smoker. What a waste. I never lost a day's work related to my smoking.The unfair and sneaky excise taxes we smokers pay for a pack of cigarettes sure comes in handy when the states and government need money.

The biggest joke of all is that our government and other agencies talk big on anti-smoking and yet the federal government subsidizes the tobacco-growing industry.

Smoking is my own choice. So, all you anti-smokers, get off my case and leave us who smoke alone. Anita Karnay Winston-Salem

In regard to the many protest actions, petitions and letters concerning the smoking ban:

It amazes me why there is such an outcry about smoking. Cigarettes, pipes, snuff and chewing tobacco have been in existence for at least 493 years. People have lived and died since the creation of man and will continue to do so regardless of conditions or circumstances, be it alcohol, which is the largest killer, AIDS, or accidents caused by drunken drivers, not to mention drugs. Still to be brought to mind is acid rain that poisons our food supply and the air we are forced to breathe.

How must we solve the problem? Oh, yes! We will build alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers to treat these problems. Elizabeth Breazeale Greensboro


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