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ALL MY CHILDREN: Hayley realized Brian's life hasn't been a bed of roses after his abusive father, Hank, showed up and wanted Brian to quit school and go to work for him. Hank threatened Natalie when she told him to get out and leave Brian alone. David was stunned when Melanie told him Jeremy is the new man in Ceara's life. Ceara was crushed when David said Jeremy only seduced her to break up their relationship. David told Ceara he will be there for her despite what has happened. Mona talked with Bianca, who admitted she is afraid of losing Travis to Molly and doesn't think Erica is fighting hard enough to keep Travis from leaving them. After Phoebe gave Charlie her credit card, he asked Melanie to go to the Caribbean with him. Brooke, Trevor and Natalie got Adam's taped confession that he married Natalie for her money, but Brooke destroyed the tape.

ANOTHER WORLD: As part of his defense plan, Cass badgered Marley on the witness stand until she admitted Jake had raped her after she refused to remarry him. A stunned Donna learned of Marley's rape, jumped up in court and announced she was the one who shot Jake. Everyone was speechless when Donna admitted she had a brief affair with Jake and that she shot him because he was threatening to expose them. Ryan helped Frankie, who was surprised when they learned there was no autopsy report filed at the time Kathleen supposedly died. Frankie later learned Kathleen could be in Chicago. In Bay City, Kathleen met with a mystery man and said she had some things to do before she would be ready to leave town. Paulina was forced to return her bank book to Rachel, who vowed to find out whether Paulina is Mac's daughter. Jenna moved in with the Corys while Felicia is away.AS THE WORLD TURNS: A stunned Barbara learned Hal resigned from his police job and then simply disappeared after writing her a letter telling her to divorce him. Barbara made Lisa promise not to tell anyone Hal left her because he is not Jennifer's father. Tom was skeptical when Margo speculated Hal learned Jennifer isn't his child. Caleb pressured Angel until she admitted she had been abused by Henry almost all her life. When Caleb expressed his guilt over the time he arranged Angel's back-alley abortion, Angel blurted out that Henry had fathered the baby, not Caleb. Barclay was stunned when Angel also told him the truth about her baby's parentage. Caleb took a gun and went looking for Henry. Barclay told Angel and the Snyder clan that Henry ordered him to return to London or he would be charged with embezzlement. Kim told Bob she feels their marriage is about over.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Margo was shocked when Jake said he is beginning to wonder if he was really sexually molested when he was a child. Jake consulted Taylor and told her that he thinks he is going crazy, but she advised him to return to his parents' home and confront his father. Eric fumed when Sally rejected his request she let Felicia out of her contract with Spectra. Thorne said he didn't want to get involved when Ridge asked him to convince Sally to break Felicia's contract. Stephanie was forced to spend the night in the condemned hotel with Ruth Anne. Julie lied that she plans to write a book about Sally.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After Johnny lured Justin back to Salem for a few hours, he surprised everyone by reuniting Justin and Alexander. Johnny hoped to get into Victor's good graces by bringing the boy home to Justin. Adrienne and Justin took Alexander back to Texas with them. Kimberly was surprised to see Lawrence jump in to help a boy at the abuse clinic who had been threatened by his father. Shawn and Caroline told Kimberly about Lawrence's real identity. Frankie urged Jennifer to find a way to get back together with Jack. Eve insisted to Frankie she has feelings for him and didn't try to get cozy with him so he would marry her and she can collect her inheritance from Nick. Isabella is upset that Roman and Whitney seem to be getting close. Lawrence signed Jennifer's divorce papers.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Robert was forced to take Lucas away from Bobbie, who had refused to turn the child over to Cheryl. Tony was furious when Bobbie finally admitted she has known for some time that Lucas was Cheryl's son. Cheryl was thrilled when Robert said Lucas was her son and then handed the boy to her. Robert was shocked when Cheryl said Lucas is ``their' son. Frisco admitted to Felicia that he tried to help Bobbie cover up Lucas' parentage. Robin was shocked to find out Lucas could be her half-brother. Tom was agreeable when Simone said she would like to go to Romania to help the children in the orphanages. After Ned told Monica that ELQ is experiencing a financial crunch, she cracked the whip on Larry, Tracy and Ned, cutting them off financially and forcing them to move to the gate house while she moved back into the mansion. Colton and Carla asked Charlene to move to the Santo Moro cattle ranch with them.

GUIDING LIGHT: Hampton comforted Vanessa, who was devastated when she learned Billy and Nadine had gotten married in Las Vegas. Vanessa confronted Billy later and asked him if he really loves Nadine. Billy told Nadine not to worry herself about what other people think about their marriage. Frank and Harley are worried about Nadine after they learned of her marriage. As part of his plot to embezzle money from Spaulding Enterprises, Roger suggested Alan-Michael work with the Spaulding Foundation. Ross fumed when Roger offered to purchase Ross's share of WSPR-TV. A stunned Frank received a letter from his Uncle Stavros, who said he is bringing a woman to Springfield who would make a perfect wife for Frank. Mindy and Roger were snowed in during a trip to Chicago. Fletcher flirted with Alex.

LOVING: Carly remembered seeing Gen. Ramirez shoot and kill A.C.'s son. Alex stunned Ava when he said Carly is a dead woman if Ramirez ever gets to her. Ava believed Paul still loves her and only said he was in love with Carly to protect her from Ramirez. Ava went to Carly's hotel room, sneaked in, and was stunned to see Carly and Paul in bed together. A.C. let Carly know he is keeping tabs on her. Shana refused to talk to Dane when he tried to comfort her over Cabot's death. Alex arrested Clay and told him he has to pay for his crimes. Alex told Ava he and Egypt are trying to work things out.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Bo and Alex set Nat up in a remote cabin where he could work on an antidote for the mind-altering drug. Bo, Alex and Nat are worried about what Carlo will do now that he has the formula for the drug. Carlo agreed to pay Gabrielle to get chummy with Viki and then quiz her about her alter ego, Niki. So that Gabrielle could get in tight with the Buchanans, Carlo had her tell them Tina was in Sweetwater, Texas, and Renee realized Tina had gone to Du Anne, who is a midwife. Viki and Jake listened to the audio cassette he found in Carlo's hotel room and learned that Viki, as ``Niki,' shot Johnny. After Cord caught up with Tina and told her he is the father of her baby, she gave birth to their daughter. Jake forced a stage hand on the movie set to admit he was paid to cut the chain on the ceiling fan that almost fell on Hunter, but after a warning from Chad, he clammed up.

SANTA BARBARA: Cruz scared Andre off when he tried to grab the diamond necklace Eden wore to the Oasis Hotel costume ball. Eden was puzzled when she found a matchbook from a French bistro in a trunk in the attic. Eden later met Andre and gave him the necklace, but he fumed when he realized the large diamond on the necklace was a fake. Andre told Eden she had two days to produce the real diamond. Julia lured Dash to the beach, abducted him at gunpoint and took him to the secluded cabin she rented. Julia kept Dash tied to a chair because he wouldn't admit he raped her. Dash didn't try to call for help when a local man came to the cabin. After learning Dash and Julia were missing, Mason wrongly suspected Dash convinced Julia to go off somewhere with him. Cassandra told Minx she will never be her daughter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Lauren admitted to Paul she still has feelings for him, but had hoped her marriage to Scott would have lasted forever. Lauren confessed she would have reconciled with Scott if Sheila hadn't gotten pregnant. Meanwhile, Sheila admitted herself to the hospital when she had labor pains. Sheila had a miscarriage, but lied to Scott that she is doing fine. Kay went to see Gina and was stunned when she stumbled onto Clint, who has been hiding out at Gina's place. Kay picked up a letter opener and threatened to use it on Clint. Diane got friendly with Nina when they met at Gina's Place. Diane learned Phillip is the heir to the Chancellor fortune. Nina told Silva she wants him to proceed with David's request to adopt Phillip. Cricket realized the only way David can get his hands on Nina's fortune is if she dies and he inherits her estate. Cassandra and Jack plotted to get Brad to work for her company, Ra-Tech.

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