About: A soccer, lacrosse and field hockey for varying age ranges – soccer from 3 years old to adulthood; lacrosse from 7 years old to high school; and field hockey from 8 to high school for girls.

Where: Throughout the Triad.

Status: Spring soccer canceled, both for competitive and recreational leagues. Providing resources and instructional training videos, as well as a mental health series for competitive soccer athletes through the Fusion's online platforms.

Normal dates: The spring rec season would've started, but it was canceled. Summer season for lacrosse would have nearing its start, but those events have been postponed.

Making it safe: Youth sports organizations in the Triad are trying to align in their return-to-play guidelines. Once the state allows for athletics to resume, N.C. Fusion and many others will determine the best way to come back safely and stay healthy. N.C. Fusion has a task force that comes up with return-to-play guidelines and the clubs' responsibility to keep everything safe for the athletes they serve. For soccer, as an example, the expectation would be at least returning to the field for individual skill work while players worked with their own ball and everyone adhered to social distancing guidelines.

Effects of the pandemic: With no recreation league, 2,000 to 2,500 youth aren't playing this spring. Also, a few competitive teams were getting ready for national events. That include three girls teams that would've attended tournaments that N.C. Fusion was hosting in Greensboro. That's not just a hit to the organization, but also to Greensboro's tourism.

What they're saying: "I would just make a plea that families continue to support the youth sports in the Triad, whoever that is: YMCA, parks and rec, any club. Please support them. I would make that plea, and I think everyone else would as well. " – Scott Wollaston, Executive Director for N.C. Fusion.




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