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The sixth annual Levi's 501 Report, a national survey of college students, says punk is out and stone-washed blue jeans, T-shirts with graphics and miniskirts are the clothing of choice.

Overall, students wear jeans 56 percent of the time, according to those surveyed.While fashion styles from the 1960s are said to be making a comeback in some European and American cities, 87 percent of U.S. college students surveyed by the Roper Organization say ``clean-cut' and ``athletic' fashion looks will be the most popular on campuses this fall.

Other hot items are khakis (70 percent), cardigan sweaters (70 percent), bicycle shorts or Spandex clothing (67 percent) and little black dresses (57 percent).

Conducting the survey at 100 U.S. colleges, Roper found that 60 percent of all students disliked the '60s look, typified by bell-bottoms, peace signs and smiling faces. Most rejected the '60s fashions in last year's survey, too.

Other unpopular general fashion styles this year are ``punk' and ``biker' looks. The ``surfer' look, though out in most of the country, still is considered pretty cool in the West, according to 55 percent.

College students preferred short hair on women (72 percent) and long (53 percent) - just no ponytails - or short in the form of a crew cut (59 percent) for men.

Other unpopular fashion items the survey revealed are cords (67 percent), old military or band uniform jackets (66 percent), fringed clothing (64 percent), underwear as outer wear (55 percent) and cowboy boots (53 percent).

Of the 50 percent of U.S. college students who travel out of state to school, the survey revealed some regional differences. Only 33 percent of students nationwide consider fanny packs in, but among students in the West, they're still very popular (60 percent).

The 1,024 students surveyed noted other regional differences:

White button-down dress shirts are most popular in the South (63 percent) and least popular in the Northeast (51 percent).

Denim cutoffs only made the ``in' list because of their strength in the Northeast (63 percent). Denim shorts cuffed at the knee, however, are in nationwide (65 percent).

Cowboy boots appear to be in only in the West (49 percent).

The preferred jeans style is stone-washed (67 percent), with worn and faded next (62 percent). Dark blue jeans are in among students in the West (55 percent) but are not as popular in the rest of the country (55 percent). Acid-washed finishes come in fourth (34 percent). Sixty-two percent say they prefer their jeans to fit loosely, while 33 percent like them tight.

Students say you don't want to be known as a ``geek,' ``slob,' ``dweeb' or ``goober.'

Good dressers are ``sharp,' ``cool' and ``hot.'

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