You know all about Philip Rivers as a football player. And most people know that the N.C. State senior quarterback is married with a daughter. But, as he heads into his final season, here's a chance to learn some different things about the Wolfpack's most decorated quarterback since Roman Gabriel.

The most anticipated season in school history is not that far away. Practice begins in two weeks and Rivers is joining teammate Andre Maddox and Wolfpack coach Chuck Amato in Greensboro, Ga., this weekend, where they will participate in the annual ACC Football Kickoff with players and coaches from the league other eight (for now) schools.Rivers just returned from Hammond, La., where he was a counselor, along with several other college and NFL stars, at the Manning Passing Academy, a three-day football camp for high school players. The camp is run by Peyton Manning, with help from his dad, Archie, and brothers, Cooper and Eli (the starting quarterback at Ole Miss who will vie with Rivers for the title of best quarterback in college football).

Rivers, who entered school in January, 2000, has been hard at his school work this summer, taking full course loads, with the hope that he can graduate with his degree in business by December.

Anyway, here's some stuff you might not know about Rivers, from tennis to landscaping to the Heisman Trophy.\ Q: So what have you been up to this summer?\ A: I am trying to graduate in December. I took six hours last summer session and six hours this summer session. Last summer, I worked a little bit (at Prestonwood Country Club), but I haven't been able to do that. I've been going to school from about 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. every day and then going to football and getting after it until about 5 or 6 p.m. It's been a pretty busy summer.\ Q: Why do you want to graduate in December? Couldn't you have taken a fairly light load in the summer and this coming fall and graduated in the spring?\ A: I am not really having to push really hard to do it. I feel like I would be kind of lolly-gagging around if I put it off. When you can go ahead and finish, in my mind, then I can just be all football and do whatever I need to work on for the (NFL) combine or whatever. I won't have anything to tie me down.\ Q: Do you have a collection of preseason football magazines? I saw your picture on several of them.\ A: I have a couple of them, the two Athlons and The Sporting News. For me, you just flip through all the different ones and see how different they are. Auburn is ranked No. 1 in one of them, Ohio State in another one. You see all the different names. They are no more to me than just interesting reading.\ Q: Yes, but do have more of the ones with you on the cover or more of the ones with (teammate) T.A. McLendon on the cover?\ A: Probably more of me, I guess.\ Q: Have you done anything at all this summer just for pure fun?\ A: Not really. There hasn't been a lot of time. Last weekend, I had been watching Wimbledon for about a week and a half and I called my dad up and told him we had to go out and play. He's a really good player; he won a state championship in doubles in Alabama when he was in high school. Once my mom knew we were playing, she had to go watch. And then Tiffany had to go watch. My little brother was there, too. Of course, it was pretty hot out there, and I thought we were both going to die. I was trying to do everything I could, to hit it short and to hit it long, make him run all over the place. We only played one set, and he beat me 6-2. It's the one thing I have still never beaten him at.\ Q: What would you do if you didn't play football or any other sport in college?\ A: I'd probably spend my free time playing golf, even though it costs a lot of money. I'd probably have to get a job to pay for it. I am all right at it. But I also remember going to Braves games when I was little, and one of my favorite parts of going was getting there early to watch them fix the field up, and making it look nice. Going to golf courses and seeing how nice they look is kind of the same thing. It's something I enjoy, even though I don't get to do it often right now.\ Q: Besides your playbook and ``Goodnight Moon,' what is the most recent book you have read?\ A: Well, I have read ``Goodnight Moon' a bunch. That's Halle's favorite one. But other than school books, I haven't read a lot. The last one was probably the Bobby Knight book (``Knight: My Story'), which I started reading right after I got to meet him last season (on the Friday before the Texas Tech game).\ Q: What kind of music do you listen to?\ A: I am more of an oldies guy, really. I listen to 100.7 FM.\ Q: Hey, you can't listen to that, it's the Carolina flagship station.\ A: I know it is. It's funny, that's where all of their radio shows and stuff are. But I mostly listen to John Boy and Billy in the mornings. My dad always listened to oldies stations when I was growing up, so that's what I listen to now.\ Q: Do you like your new home out at the football stadium (the Murphy Football Operations Center)?\ A: I think it is really going to benefit everybody on the team. We probably had 10 guys in the whirlpools the other day after we did our seven-on-seven workouts. Whether it makes you better or not, it's available to us and people are using it. We'll get even more use out of it when the season comes.\ Q: Do you have any sleepers for the coming season, someone people don't know a lot about?\ A: People have known about it for a while, but I think (safety) Troy Graham is someone to watch out for, definitely. (Wide receiver) Brian Clark is another one. (Converted cornerback) Dovonte Edwards, with what he can do and his ability, he's going to finally get on the field and use his talents. He's going to be a player for us, even if he has to come back over to ffense.\ Q: So have you spent much time this summer thinking about being a Heisman Trophy candidate?\ A: It's something you can't get caught up in, but if you are a quarterback and you want to play at a big-time college program when you are growing up, if that is not a goal or something that excites you, then what are you playing for? That's how I look at it. It's exciting. But it could not mean a hill of beans. It'll be fun and interesting to see what happens.\

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