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The Pet Shop: The changes we make for our pets

The Pet Shop: The changes we make for our pets

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Hamilton pet shop

At about 7 months old, Hamilton makes all the decisions around Jamie Biggs’ house these days.

GREENSBORO — Ever since I brought Hamilton home this past December, he’s slowly but surely made certain that I know he’s the head of the household.

The changes were gradual. I didn’t even realize he was taking over at first.

Now, at about 7 months old, it’s obvious. He may still be a kitten, but he makes all the decisions around here these days.

He may not be able to verbalize what he wants — he tries, with his 5 a.m. how-could-you-lock-me-out-of-the-bedroom meows — but his actions speak louder than words ever could.

For example, I used to have plants on the coffee table, on bookshelves. Now, all of the greenery has shifted upwards — onto floating shelves he can’t reach, onto hooks from the ceiling.

I have to break out a step stool to water, but that’s OK. Hamilton made his distaste for them obvious when he knocked them to the ground, gnawed at their leaves and tracked soil down the hallway. So, to higher ground the plants will go.

He also doesn’t like it when I eat Greek yogurt, evident by the way he tries to smack it from my hand and shove his head into the cup while I snack on it. That’s OK, though — it’s the one snack I eat in private now, locked in a room so he can’t see it.

He doesn’t like toilet paper on toilet paper holders, either, so the roll rest behind the toilet seat now. It doesn’t bother Hamilton when it’s there. And if it doesn’t bother Hamilton, then we’re all happy.

And then there’s closed blinds, closed shower curtains and closed closet doors — he’s not a fan of those.

So, what do you know? At Hamilton’s request, I keep them all open now!

It’s Hamilton’s world, really. I’m just living in it.

Contact Jamie Biggs at 336-373-4476 and follow @JamieBiggsNR on Twitter.


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