The Greensboro City Board of Education approved an employee tobacco policy Tuesday that restricts smoking or chewing tobacco on school grounds during the school day or in school vans and buses.

The policy, approved unanimously at the board's monthly meeting, would create designated areas for using tobacco products and would prohibit smoking in the presence of students at school and on school buses or vans.Last year, the board considered an outright ban on tobacco use for all employees on school grounds or in school-owned vehicles.

However, it was revised after teachers criticized it as an infringement of employee rights.

The board Tuesday also approved a tuition increase for the coming year for students living outside the school district.

Tuition was increased from $750 to $900 for students who live outside Guilford County and from $350 to $400 for students who live in the county, but outside the city school district. The policy would affect about 300 students.

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